Book an Admissions Advisory Session

Michener-Gen-2015-03-05-0316-CMYKIf you are interested in learning more about what Michener has to offer or you are not sure about the application or admission process then you can book an advising appointment with our Admissions and Recruitment team. If you are interested in the Medical Radiation Sciences joint programs with the University of Toronto, please contact

Please note: walk-in appointments will not be honoured.

Admissions Advisory Sessions are currently closed and will re-open June 2017.

What your advising appointment will cover:

  1. Admissions information
  2. How to apply
  3. Advising for internationally educated students
  4. Mature students
  5. Student services

*Please note: pre-assessment of application documents will not be conducted at your appointment.

**All advising appointments are private and confidential. Any guests will be asked to wait in a Michener common area for the duration of your advising session.