Aging Simulation Experience

Involve learners in a comprehensive day of engaging simulations or choose from our available simulation options. Each of our available simulations are different in nature and address specific learning objectives.

Frail Aging Suit (70 minutes)

This consists of two scenarios in which students assume the roles of health care providers as well as the elderly patient by stepping into the frail aging simulation suit. Students then further experience aspects of frailty by participating in a small group activity with the suit.

Available in online format upon request.

Live Panel Discussion (50 minutes)

Coordinated in partnership with local community seniors, panelists describe their own perceptions and past experience with the health care system and are ready to answer any questions brought up by learners.

Frail Aging Simulation Suit

Patient Interaction (70 minutes)

This consists of two scenarios in which learners assume the roles of health care providers in an interaction with an elderly patient (simulated by an elderly actor). A debrief of each scenario is followed by a discussion question to elicit further thinking around the respective topic.

Available in online format upon request.

Palliative (50 minutes)

This consists of video simulations accompanied by facilitated small group discussion.

  • A health care provider’s interaction with a palliative patient and family member scenario.
  • A non-fictional retelling of a health care provider’s first interaction with a palliative patient.

Available in online format upon request.

Empathy (70 minutes)

This consists of a discussion around what empathy is, how to practice empathy and why it is important. A video is used to reinforce the importance of empathy in a health care context. Throughout the discussion, elements of empathy are practiced in pair activities.

Available in online format upon request.


There is no formal assessment and there are no consequences, only learning! Although learners are expected to perform at their best, mistakes will be made and should be made. Guided debrief follows each scenario.

Simulation scenarios and modalities can be adapted to fit the needs of your organization.

Put your health care services to the test with the Aging Simulation

Contact for more information or to book an Aging Simulation for your organization.


Facilitated Simulation at
The Michener Institute of Education at UHN

$3,948.00 for up to 20 people.

Debriefing sessions that accompany simulations are carefully structured to cater to your own environment and health services.

Train-the-Trainer Simulation at Your Location

$3,444.00 for up to 20 people.

Please note additional costs may be incurred for transportation and accommodations based on your location. Flexible adaptations and customization are available at additional cost. Please contact if you would like to learn more.