Centre for Learning & Innovation


The Centre for Learning and Innovation (CLI) has a mandate to support the vision and direction of the academic area.

The consultants and staff within our Centre for Learning and Innovation portfolio primarily work with program faculty and academic managers to support the development, re-design and delivery of curriculum grounded in competency and performance based learning. The centre promotes intellectual inquiry and knowledge building communities.


  • Educates program faculty regarding current pedagogical thinking
  • Assists faculty with the continuous review and development of effective curriculum through consultation, advisement and coaching
  • Serves as consultants to the Michener community about all aspects of teaching and learning
  • Serves as an incubator for new ideas and innovative program development
  • Participates in research related to teaching and learning
  • Provides resources and support for media development and AV production
  • Provides leadership for Interprofessional Collaboration and Interprofessional Education (IPC/IPE) in areas of curriculum development, faculty development and organizational development

Mission, Vision, Goals

The mission of The Centre for Learning and Innovation is to collaborate with teaching, learning and administrative units to create supportive, adaptable and innovative learning environments; to identify outstanding teaching at all levels and promote and nurture, recognize and reward those efforts. By anticipating and responding to the teaching and learning needs of the Michener community, CLI provides leadership in developing, supporting and implementing academically and educationally sound solutions.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of technological and pedagogical teaching tools and resources to faculty, instructors and teaching assistants in order to ensure an exceptional learning experience for students in the classroom and in the clinical setting. Responding not only to the immediate needs of our clients, we also proactively identify and drive initiatives that will ensure an optimal teaching and learning experience. We hope faculty members, instructors and contract instructors will feel free to approach the Centre with all of their teaching and career development needs.

Curriculum Design & Educational Resources

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