Curriculum Design and Educational Resources

Teaching and Assessment Certificate (TAC)

The purpose of this certificate is to support Faculty engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning. This certificate program was designed in response to the the Collective Bargaining Agreement 2010 in which career laddering criteria were established for Faculty interested in moving from Assistant to Associate Professor level. This certificate is also foundational for new Faculty and/or more experienced Faculty interested in updating their teaching and learning theories and strategies.

A knowledge building theoretical framework is used to deepen Faculty understanding and practice of educational principles and methods that enhance student learning experiences (Scardamalia, 2002; Bereiter, 2003). A design research methodology will be used to accomplish these aims (Brown; Collins).

The certificate is comprised of the following 5-Phases:

Phase I: Self-Assessment Survey (online)
Phase II: Preparation
Phase III: Getting Started — Class Visits & CLI Consultations
Phase IV: Mid-Term Formative Assessment — Class Visits & CLI Consultations
Phase V: Course Close and Summative Assessment — Class Visits & CLI Consultations

Through Phases II through V, CLI will provide direct, hands on support around Faculty needs to help with preparation, course delivery, conducting and assessing student performance for the courses they will be delivering within the academic year.

Blackboard Learn

Michener delivers courses for most programs online using Blackboard Learn.  Using Blackboard, instructors can post documents, presentations, animations and short streaming video clips to enhance the delivery of their course material.  Communication between instructors and students is facilitated by a threaded discussion board, e-mail, synchronous Chat and Virtual Classroom tools, blogs, wikis and journals.  Student performance can be evaluated by using Blackboard’s Assessment tools which include tests, quizzes and Exercises.  Instructors can manage and evaluate student performance through the Grade Centre which can be used in Blackboard Learn or exported for offline editing in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. Michener’s Blackboard Learn system can be accessed by registered users at:


iClicker is a wireless, interactive classroom response system.  Instructors can create a series of questions with multiple choice responses and get instant feedback from students.  No hardware or software installation is required and your questions can be created in the software of your choice such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or an old fashioned overhead projector sheet.  Results are compiled into an easy to read Excel spreadsheet for further review.  Michener has 200 iClickers available for use in your class on a first-come-first-served basis.  More information about iClickers can be found at


The Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS) is currently used by The Michener community to support competency and performance based curriculum design for didactic as well as distributed learning models.

Digital Media & Video Production

Digital media and video production services are available to faculty and staff to support the delivery of course content in-class and online through Blackboard Learn 9.1. Services available to faculty and staff include:

Blackboard Learn:
Course Administration
Training and technical support
User Management
Digital Media:
CD-ROM Development
Digital Imaging
Additional Resources:
Laptop Computer Sign-out
iClicker Sign-out & Training
Audio/Video Production:
Audio/Video Production (on-site or on location)
Video Streaming
Video for CD-ROM or DVD
Audio Production (recording & narration)
Video Conversion