Distance Education and Part Time Examination Invigilation Policy

Distance Education and Part Time Examination Invigilation Policy
Creation DateMarch 4, 2013
Approval DateMarch 27, 2013
Effective DateSeptember 3, 2013

Organizational Scope

This policy and procedure is for students who are enrolled in distance education or part time courses, who live more than 100 km from Michener.


The purpose of the Distance Education and Part Time student examination and invigilation policy is to establish clear standards, expectations and procedures for both students and invigilators/proctors


  1. Distance Education (DE) and Part Time students who live within 100 km of The Michener Institute must write compulsory examinations at The Michener Institute. The DE Program Coordinator / Manager or Faculty, Administrative Assistants or The Michener Institute Support Staff will be responsible for invigilating the examination as per The Michener Institute’s “DE Invigilation Policy and Procedure” (attachment 1). Students with approved request to write the exam distance will be required to adhere to this policy.
  2. Distance Education students who live outside 100 km of The Michener Institute, will write compulsory examinations at an educational institution (high school, college, university) or a Michener approved clinical sites or at The Michener Institute.
  3. For Distance Education students who are writing at an educational institution other than The Michener Institute:
    1. All arrangements and associated financial fees related with the exam, proctor and institution are the responsibility of the student.
    2. The Michener Institute must approve the proctor and invigilation site. Students will be informed within 3-5 working days if their proctor is not approved. In this case, the student will be required to locate another proctor. Proctors who are approved will be forwarded examination packages by the Administrative Assistant from your course/program.
    3. The proctor must indicate acceptance of responsibility and agree in writing, to abide by the examination regulations by filling out the proctor form, signing it, and having it witnessed.
    4. The Michener Institute’s “Examination Rules and Regulations” and “Invigilation Policy and Procedures” will be strictly enforced.
  4. Proctors must be professional representatives from a university, college or high school or regulated health care professional, holding a current license from their respective regulatory college. A proctor must not be a direct supervisor, colleague, relative, friend or another student.
  5. If, for any reason, a proctor cannot be arranged, the student will make arrangements to write the exam at The Michener Institute or request suggestions from the Program.
  6. Should a change of examination date be necessary, the student must send a letter or email, clearly stating the reason for the change, along with a $20 processing fee to The Michener Institute.
  7. The policy for the invigilation of supplemental examinations or missed compulsory evaluations will be the same as outlined above.
  8. Should a student be unable to locate a suitable location to write a computer-based examination due to the unavailability of appropriate computers, the matter should be brought to the attention to the Program Administrative Assistant who would then discuss options to help problem solve the issue.

Procedure for Students

  1. The Proctor Form will be distributed to the students along with course materials at the start of their program.
  2. The student will locate a proctor and site and inform The Michener Institute, in writing, as per the deadline indicated in the course materials. Should The Michener Institute not approve the proctor and/or site, the student must locate an alternate proctor and/or site. Note that sites must provide the appropriate technical equipment required for the course.
  3. The proctor will complete the “Proctor Form” (attachment 2) and return it by fax or email to the Administrative Assistant of the Program The Michener Institute within 1 week of receiving it from the student.
  4. The Michener Institute will then forward all examination materials to the proctor.
  5. During the exam the student will:
    1. Follow the Examination Rules and Regulations that will be on the cover of the examination booklet.
    2. Sign the cover of the exam, acknowledging the examination rules and regulations and the following statements on the cover of the examination booklet:
      1. “I have been informed of the examination regulations and am aware of any repercussions as a result of my actions during the examination.”
    3. Include computer number on exam cover and on form
  6. The proctor will place all examination materials in pre-paid Purolator envelope provided and return it to The Michener Institute within 24 hours of the exam date and sign the flap of the sealed exam as proof that the exam has not been tampered with.

Procedure for Proctors

Invigilators are expected to follow the procedures outlined below to ensure that all students/candidates are treated equitably when writing examinations. Students with special needs will be accommodated as required.

Prior to the Examination

  • The invigilator(s) will arrive at the examination room at least 25 minutes prior to the commencement of the exam in order to ensure proper set-up and exam distribution.
  • The layout of the room should be checked to ensure that candidates have adequate space in which to write and that clocks are functioning correctly.
  • Candidates are expected to appear at the examination room at least 5 minutes before the commencement of the examination for paper based exams and 15 minutes before the commencement of an on-line (computer) exam.

Entry into the Examination Room

  • No person is to be allowed in an examination room during an examination except the candidates concerned and those supervising the examination.
  • Candidates are not allowed to enter the examination room after any student has left.
  • The invigilator(s) has the discretion to allow a student to enter the exam room after the exam has commenced, but not after a student has left the exam room. In general, candidates will not be permitted to enter an examination room later than 15 minutes after the commencement of the examination, or to leave except under supervision until at least ½ an hour after the examination has commenced.
  • The invigilator must inspect the ID cards of all candidates writing the examination and have each candidate sign the class list, if such list was provided.
  • The invigilator has the discretion to assign seats to candidates.
  • The invigilator must ensure that candidates do not bring any materials to their desks other than those directly required to write the examination. Coats/jackets, handbags, backpacks, water bottles, coffee cups, mobile phones, such as iPhones, androids, blackberries or any other electronic devices, such as scientific calculators, tablets, iPads, and similar devices, etc. must be left in an area identified by the invigilator.
  • For online examinations, the invigilator(s) must ensure that each student is seated at a separate computer terminal.
    • If space allows, candidates should be seated at every other terminal to minimize any temptation of looking at their neighbour’s answers.

During the Examination

  • The invigilator will count the number of students in the examination room to cross-check with the number of exams handed-in at the end of the exam.
  • The invigilator(s) will instruct the candidates not to eat or drink in the examination room.
  • The invigilator(s) will instruct the candidates to enter their full name and student ID number in the appropriate places on the examination paper as well as the computer answer sheets.
  • If a portion of the examination is posted on Blackboard (i.e., online) the invigilator(s) will instruct the candidates that they are only allowed to open the exam on The Michener Blackboard site in the indicated course being proctored. No other sites or tabs should be opened other than the exam itself.
  • The invigilator(s) will be present during the entire exam to observe all candidates. Should a candidate be observed cheating (looking at another tab, page on the internet other than designated PDF exam questions located at https://michener.blackboard.com under the tab: Assignments ® Exam #, another candidate’s paper, copying from concealed notes, etc.) the invigilator will, whenever possible, consult with the other invigilator in the room to witness the act. The invigilator must document the incident immediately. It is important that the invigilator not confront the candidate during the exam as this may disrupt the other candidates in the room. At the end of the exam, the invigilator must keep that candidate’s examination paper separate from the others’ and inform the candidate that the Program Coordinator/Manager will contact them immediately to discuss the incident. The invigilator will immediately inform the Program Coordinator/Manager of the incident.
  • The invigilator will not permit any candidate to leave the examination room until twenty-five percent (25%) of the examination time has elapsed.
  • To avoid disruption to candidates still writing the exam, students will not be permitted to leave the examination room during the last 10 minutes of the examination period.
  • During the examination, the invigilator will indicate the elapsed time or time remaining clearly on a blackboard or overhead projector or by making an announcement.
  • The invigilator is not responsible for answering any questions pertaining to the content of the examination. With such requests, the invigilator must direct the candidate to clearly note it on the examination paper.
  • If a candidate asks to leave the examination room for bathroom privileges, the invigilator may accompany the candidate, if necessary, only if another invigilator is present.

Conclusion of the Examination

  • At the conclusion of the examination, the invigilator will instruct the candidates to stop writing.
  • Candidates will hand their papers to the invigilator as they leave the examination room.
  • Once all candidates have left the room, the invigilator must count all papers to ensure none are missing.
  • Invigilator will then place each exam in their perspective envelopes and then sign over the envelope flap indicating the invigilator was the one that sealed the envelope.


Proctor:   person responsible for supervising students at an examination

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