Out of Province Admission Policy

Out of Province Admission Policy
Creation DateMarch 27, 2013
Approval DateMarch 27, 2013
Effective DateSeptember 3, 2013

Organizational Scope

This policy pertains to all programs to provide for the admission of out of province applicants as applicable.


The purpose of the policy is to have a clear, transparent, and fair admissions policy that is realistic in meeting the Human Resource needs in Ontario primarily and in Canada secondarily, except where the program in question is one of two or the only English language program in Canada. The policy acknowledges the need for out-of-province clinical sites and our need as an institution to allow for some flexibility in our policies and procedures.   The policy also aims to ensure that we maintain stability in all of our programs through a constant yearly intake with minimal fluctuations in resource needs (in particular HR needs and without any negative impact on Ministry funding.


This policy serves to recognize that our enrolment targets are established to meet the needs of the province of Ontario as directed by our primary funder The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). As such enrolment targets are to be achieved with Ontario applicants who successfully meet all academic and non-academic admission criteria first. Where it is not possible to fill the quota from within the provincial boundaries, enrolment targets may be achieved with out of province applicants provided they successfully meet all academic and non-academic admission criteria.   The exception to this policy is for those programs where we are either the only or one of two English Language programs in the country, and therefore are deemed to serve a national need (for example our Chiropody and Genetics Technology programs). The admissions policy for out of province applicants will be published for applicants on the Web, under admissions.

For programs requiring out of province clinical placements, out of province sites will be included in the clinical placement process such that students will be provided clinical placements at the sites on an annual basis as per the clinical affiliation agreements in place at the time.

Revision History

Date Reviewer Change(s) Made Policy Location(s)
March 27, 2013 Academic Approval Council Replacement policy for “Proposal for new Admission Policy for the Genetics Technology Program”, approved September 15, 2010.