Off-Campus Access to LRC Resources

Access Electronic Resources from Anywhere

Electronic resources available from the LRC can be accessed by authorized Michener users from anywhere with internet access. When accessing LRC electronic resources from off-campus, you will be prompted for your Michener login.

Off-Campus Access Instructions

Video Tutorial

Text Instructions

  1. Access resources from the Michener website. This ensures you are using links that grant you access to Michener subscriptions. Links that are Michener “persistent links” work too – these are easy to recognize because they begin with “”.
  2. When you click on a resource you would like to access, you will first be directed to our off-campus login page.

    screenshot of off-campus login page
    Enter your Michener network username and password when you are directed to our off-campus login page.
  3. Enter your Michener Network/Outlook login and click Submit. This is the same login you use to access the Michener computer network, WiFi and Outlook. Your Blackboard password is not the same as your Network password.
  4. If your login information is correct, you will automatically be re-directed to the resource you would like to access.



  • Your Network login is the same login you use for Michener Outlook email, myMichener, computers in the LRC, and Michener WiFI. If you are unsure if your Network login is working, login to the Michener Outlook Web App or myMichener.  If you can login to Outlook or myMichener, use the same login to access LRC resources from off-campus. If you are locked-out of the Michener network or Outlook, please contact IM Helpdesk (x3369) to reset your password.
  • Your Blackboard password is not the same as your Network password.
  • Continuing Education students are sometimes assigned a group username and password instead of a personal Michener login. Please contact your course administrator or check your course package or check your Blackboard course page for an announcement with login information.
  • Distance Education Students and Users Within a Hospital/Clinic Environment: The computer firewall must allow remote access to connect to LRC resources.  Some Internet service providers in remote areas and corporate sites employ firewall restrictions to prevent remote access.
  • Your computer browser must accept cookies to connect to LRC resources. These cookies only contain your session information and will expire when you close your browser.
  • Please contact LRC staff if you have any questions.

Accessing Articles from Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review (HBR) does not allow users to link directly to an article.

To access an article from HBR, please follow the instructions below.  You will need citation information about the article such as year of publication and the issue number/month.

  1. Access Harvard Business Review through the LRC catlogue, EBSCO A-Z, or directly through Michener’s link to Harvard Business Review.
  2. If you are off-campus, you will be redirectly to our off-campus login page.  Please see login instructions above.  When you have successfully logged in, you will be re-directed to the HBR page.
  3. On the right side of the page, under “All Issues” select the year the article was published. The list will expand to show all issues published that year.
  4. Select the issue the article is in. You will then see a list of all articles published in that issue.
  5. Select the article you would like to access.  To view the complete article, click on “PDF Full Text”.
  6. A yellow box on the article page shows when Harvard Business Review limits access.In most cases, you now have the option to save or print the PDF.  However, the top 500 articles in Harvard Business Review are read-only (they cannot be printed).  This will be indicated by a message on the article page and the print button will be disabled when you open the PDF.

Use the "search within this publication" option on the top left side of the page.

* If you do not know the year of publication and/or the issue number, you can search within the title.  Use Michener’s link to Harvard Business Review to access the journal and then click on “Search within this publication” on the left side of the page.