Scholarship awards dedicated students with the opportunity to achieve dreams

Kyoom Abdool with award winner Patricia Guerrero at the 2014 Student Awards CeremonyRegistered Respiratory Therapist Kyoom Abdool has been deeply involved with Michener over the past 40 years. As a proud Michener grad, Kyoom joined Michener’s Respiratory Therapy program as an instructor and served as a member of Michener’s Board of Governors.

In 2013, Kyoom decided to help aspiring graduates by partnering with Trudell Medical Marketing Limited to establish the Kyoom Abdool Scholarship of Excellence in Respiratory Therapy. The scholarship is awarded to two full-time Respiratory Therapy students who have achieved the highest overall scores in their class.

Applications for the 2015 scholarship close on July 31, and this year’s awards will be presented at the Student Awards Ceremony on November 18, 2015.

When Kyoom was a student, he won a silver medal award, which awards the two top graduating students in each discipline. He acknowledges that this award gave him both the financial help he needed and validation for his hard work. He set up his own award as a way to acknowledge the passion new students have for the profession.

“Receiving the silver medal award during my time at Michener not only gave me the financial support that I needed, but was an affirmation of how hard I tried to reach that high level of accomplishment,” says Kyoom. “The award gives me something to look back on. Being able to recognize others’ passion for the profession is the reason why I set up the scholarship.”

Kyoom Abdool with award winner Kurtis Salway at the 2014 Student Awards CeremonyThe inaugural scholarship was awarded at the 2014 Student Awards Ceremony to Patricia Guerrero and Kurtis Salway, two dedicated third-year respiratory therapy students.

“The scholarship gave me the ability focus more on my career, and I felt very proud to be able to receive this award in front of my fellow colleagues,” says Kurtis. “It was very humbling to accept the award from Kyoom and to be able to thank him in person for his dedication to the program and the profession as a whole.”

Patricia is also thankful for the recognition and support provided by the Kyoom Abdool scholarship. She believes the award truly recognizes the achievements of students with a strong academic background who are able to successfully transition into the clinical setting.

“To excel as an RT student, I believe one must demonstrate qualities of leadership, direct one’s own learning, take initiative and build mentoring relationships,” says Patricia. “I also think a big part of excelling as a student is having commitment to the practice and taking pride in what you do, knowing that it makes a difference.”

“When I met Patricia and Kurtis, I could see the passion they had for academic achievement and because of this positive experience, I look forward to meeting future recipients,” says Kyoom. “I encourage all students to pursue high academic achievement and to have a passion for your work and a passion to stay connected.”

Kyoom attributes his ongoing involvement with Michener to his strong passion for the respiratory therapy profession.

“Personal achievement inspires me to continue learning, teaching and practicing in respiratory medicine,” says Kyoom. “Establishing the scholarship is one way I can continue to be a part of Michener, and carry on my amazing experiences within the community.”