Project Partners

This unique partnership of the project partners will help generate new knowledge and evidence-based approaches to ensure that health professions can respond exponentially, rather than logarithmically, to emerging technologies and provide optimal care for all Canadians.

Project and Site Leads

Dr. David Wiljer

Dr. David Wiljer

Mohammad Salhia

Mohammad Salhia

Azra Dhalla

Azra Dhalla

Elham Dolatabadi

Elham Dolatabadi

Core Project Team

Dr. David Wiljer

Dr. David Wiljer, Executive Director, Education Technology and Innovation at UHN


Azra Dhalla

Azra Dhalla, Director, Health AI Implementation at the Vector Institute

Elham Dolatabadi

Elham Dolatabadi, PhD, Technical AI Staff Scientist at Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Professor (Status only), Institute of Health Policy Management

Dalia Al-Mouaswas

Dalia Al-Mouaswas, Manager, International Centre for Education, Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Wanda Peteanu

Wanda Peteanu, Director, Information Management – Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Jaqueline Waldorf

Jacqueline Waldorf, Director, Communication & Marketing – Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Caitlin Gillan

Caitlin Gillan, Manager, Education and Practice at Toronto’s Joint Department of Medical Imaging
Assistant Professor in the UofT Department of Radiation Oncology

Mohammad Salhia

Mohammad Salhia, Director, Continuing Education & UHN International Centre for Education™
Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Sarah Younus

Sarah Younus, Research Associate, UHN Digital Education, Technology & Innovation Portfolio

Rebecca Charow

Rebecca Charow, Research Associate at UHN
PHD student in Health Services Research at the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation (IHPME) at the University of Toronto.

Jane Mattson

Jane Mattson, Manager, Continuing Education – Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Walter Tavares

Walter Tavares, Scientist & Assistant Professor at The Wilson Centre and Post MD Education at University of Toronto & UHN

Tharshini Jeyakumar

Tharshini Jeyakumar, Education Specialist at UHN Digital Education

Ethan Jackson

Ethan Jackson, Technical AI Staff Scientist, The Vector Institute

Accelerating the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre . Le projet est financé par le Centre des Compétences futures du gouvernement du Canada.
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