Application to Programs

Learn about the admissions selection process requirements and deadlines for programs at Michener.

To ensure you receive equal consideration in the admission process, your application must be received by the application deadline. Apply early as Michener receives many more qualified applicants than there are available spaces. Application deadlines and application methods vary by program type.

2019/2020 Application Deadlines
Program Type

Application Deadline

Application Method

Michener Full-Time Programs:

Cardiovascular Perfusion


Diagnostic Cytology

Genetics Technology

Medical Laboratory Science

Respiratory Therapy


February 1, 2019

Apply on OCAS

Michener Magnetic Resonance Imaging June 15, 2019

Paper Application

Michener Anesthesia Assistant May 15, 2019 Paper Application
Joint Michener/U of Toronto Programs (MRS) February 1, 2019 Apply on OUAC
Joint Michener/Laurentian University Programs January 17, 2019 Apply on OUAC
Michener Continuing Education Certificate Programs Varies – refer to Continuing Education Website Paper Application

Admissions Steps for full-time programs:

Admission Requirements & Information for International Student

    1. Review the Program Admission Requirements in the Viewbook (Coming Soon) or on the program admission pages.
    2. Determine if you will be applying using:
      • OCAS  for Michener programs; or
      • OUAC  for Michener and University of Toronto/Laurentian joint programs;
      • Paper Applications  for other Michener programs
    1. Complete and submit your application before the deadline;
    2. Receive your Acknowledgement email from Michener (be sure to add email from to your safe senders list);
    3. Review your Acknowledgement email for instructions on completing and submitting the required Supplementary Application Form (SAF) and mandatory fee of $45.00 by March 1, 2019. This fee is required for Michener Full-Time programs and Michener/U of Toronto joint programs – one fee per applicant;
    4. Submit any outstanding documents by the document deadline (refer to your Acknowledgement email). Note that all documents submitted become property of the Michener Institute and will not be returned to students.;
    5. All complete applications received by the Application Deadline will be processed. Complete applications include all supporting documents. Applications will be assessed and ranked according to Cumulative Grade Point Average (based on the OMSAS scale) and/or prerequisite courses;
    6. Top ranked applicants will be invited to the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). Invitations will be sent out in early-April. MMIs are held at The Michener Institute and attendance is mandatory to continue in the admission process;
    7. Attend the Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs);
    8. Applicants will be re-ranked after the results of the MMI are incorporated;
    9. Offers of Admission will be sent out in mid-May to top ranked applicants who will be given a deadline to accept their offer (OCAS and OUAC) and pay a non-refundable deposit of $500.00. Offers will continue until the program intake is full (this is an iterative process);
    10. Specific health requirements and a vulnerable sector check are mandatory for all Michener students. Any associated costs are the responsibility of the student. For more detailed information on specific requirements please see the Health Services & Requirements page.

Critical Dates: 2019 Admission to Michener Full-Time Programs

Stay on top of your application!

  • Joint Michener/University of Toronto programs in the Medical Radiation Sciences: Applications are assessed by the University of Toronto. Please refer to the university for their critical dates.
  • Joint Michener/Laurentian University program in Radiation Therapy: Applications are assessed by Laurentian University. Please refer to the university for their critical dates.
Key Dates: 2019 Admission to Michener Full-Time Programs

Action Items

February 1, 2019

February 1 is the deadline for the receipt of applications to full-time Michener-only programs through Ontario Colleges.

An acknowledgment e-mail will be sent to all applicants who meet the February 1st deadline with instructions to complete the mandatory Supplementary Application Form (SAF). The SAF requires the applicant to review key application and program information (Fee of $45 required). Failure to submit the SAF and fee by the set deadline below will close your application file from any further consideration.

February 8, 2019

Date by which all supporting documentation (transcripts, English language test scores, etc.) must be received at Michener.

Applicants to any full time program are required to submit official grades for any/all post-secondary academic programs/courses completed. For detailed admission requirements please refer to the admissions requirements by program page.

Please note that all steps in the admissions process are conducted in English and that all documents received in support of an application become the property of The Michener Institute and will not be returned to the applicant.

March 1, 2019 Deadline to submit Supplemental Application Form (SAF) and $45.00 fee.

Failure to meet this deadline will close the application .

January to March 2019 Complete application files are evaluated. All communication with students will be made through Michener’s Self-Service Portal during this period in order to expedite requests for additional information.
Early April

Top-ranked candidates will receive an email invitation to ONE Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) at Michener

*If you have also applied to the Physician’s Assistant program at the University of Toronto, you will need to attend two MMIs: one for the PA program and one for all other programs you are applying to.

April 29th to May 3rd, 2019 Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) week at Michener.
Mid-May 2019

First round of offers are issued. Aceppted applicants must pay the $500.00 non-refundable deposit by the deadline in their offer. This process continues until programs are full.

Note: Due to the highly competitive nature of admission to programs, Michener will not consider admission deferrals and applicants will have to re-apply for subsequent academic years.


June – Early September 2019 If spaces become available, notification of admission from waitlists.
July 12, 2019 For candidates who have attended the MMI: deadline for the receipt at Michener of all final official transcripts and proof of conferral of graduation.


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