Dr. Hugh Curry Diagnostic Cytology Scholarship

Program Eligibility:

Available to full time students enrolled in the Diagnostic Cytology program.


Scholarship will be awarded to the student who has attained the highest average on the following practical components:

  • Screening of both gynaecological and non gynaecological unknowns in Cytology- GYCY111and NGCY121
  • Practical marks for Microanatomy- MHCY111and MHCY121.


The recipient is chosen by the Program Chair.


This is an Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) or “Matching Fund” award

The Ontario Trust for Student Support was established by the Government of Ontario to encourage companies and individuals to contribute to permanent endowment funds to assist Ontario’s college and university students with financial need.

To be eligible for a “Matching Fund Award/Scholarship” a student must:

*OSAP Residency requirements:

  1. You have always lived in Ontario
  2. Ontario is the last province in which you resided for 12 consecutive months without being a full-time post-secondary student.
  3. Ontario is the last province in which your parent(s) have resided for 12 months in a row.
  4. You now reside in Ontario AND you have resided in Canada for less than 12 months in a row.
  5. You now reside in Ontario, but none of the above statements applies to you.

If points 4) and 5) are true for you, you may not be eligible for OSAP; however you may meet Michener’s definition of eligibility and may still be eligible for a Matching Fund Award/Scholarship if you can show financial need through either the Financial Need Assessment Form or Bursary Application Form

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