Excellence in Clinical Education Scholarship

Program Eligibility:

Available to full-time students who are enrolled in any diploma program and who, through his/her clinical education, have demonstrated leadership and excellence in the clinical setting.


Nominees will have clearly demonstrated the following:

  • Leadership in the clinical setting
  • Success in maintaining an overall ‘B’ average or better
  • Consistence in exhibiting professional behaviour in both academic and health care settings, shown a commitment to improving the lives of others, as illustrated by the ability to work effectively both as an individual and in an interprofessional team providing collaborative patient centered care


Number of Scholarships:  2

Clinical Coordinators, Clinical Adjunct Professors, Clinical Educators and/or Clinical Liaison Officers will nominate students by submitting:

  • A one-page type-written nomination outlining why the student is eligible for this scholarship based on the above noted criteria.
  • To support the nomination, a typed and signed letter of support on letterhead from an academic, leadership or community resource, and any other additional relevant documentation to support the nomination is advised. Letters of support must be relevant to the last 18 months of the nominee’s related activity.
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