Ontario Home Respiratory Services Association Respiratory Therapy Graduating Student Scholarship of Excellence

Program Eligibility:

A full-time Michener student who is enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy program in their final year of study (graduate year), who is considering entering practice in the respiratory home care area.


The successful candidate will have clearly demonstrated the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of clinical placements without extensions or repeats
  • Demonstrated motivation, dependability, reliability
  • Demonstrated interest in home respiratory care
  • Assumption of responsibility within the program and clinical placements
  • demonstrated inter-professional collaborative practice
  • Cumulative B+ average during the didactic phase of the program, including demonstrated proficiency and knowledge in the area of home care
  • Permission to include recipient’s name and picture on OHRSA web site and in other marketing materials.


Applicants must submit:

  • A one-page type-written application outlining why he/she is eligible for this scholarship based on the above noted criteria, with emphasis on why s/he believes home care is important.
  • Two typed and signed letters of reference on official letterhead; one from a current clinical coordinator or an academic, leadership or community resource.  Both Letters of Reference must validate the applicant’s submission with specific reference to the above listed criteria and must be relevant to the last 18 months of applicant’s related activity.


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