Respan Respiratory Therapy Award for Student Excellence

This award is presented in recognition of a well-rounded student, who continues to give back to the community by volunteering, or who balances family responsibilities while pursuing their studies.

Program Eligibility:

A full-time Michener student who is enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy program and has completed their first year (two semesters).


The successful candidate(s) will have clearly demonstrated the following criteria:

  • Maintains good academic standing
  • Current OSAP recipient
  • Has volunteered extensively in their community (including the Michener community) during their first year at Michener


  • Actively cares for dependants while pursuing their studies (including financial responsibilities as well as providing emotional and physical support to familial dependants, including elder parents).

Award Amount:  $1,250

By application:

  1. Submit a letter of support from the organization where the student volunteers.
  2. If the application is based on caring dependents,
    the student is required to submit an essay (500 words maximum) illustrating how he/she has managed to successfully complete the 2 semesters (year 1) despite competing priorities.
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