Research Workshops

Fundamentals of Designing a Quality Improvement Project

The purpose of this workshop is to illustrate the steps required to complete a Quality Improvement (QI) project.


Topics of this workshop will include:

  • Differences between QI and Research
  • The role of a literature review in a QI process
  • Formal QI models and the rationale for selecting one
  • Identifying appropriate metrics
  • How to make a case for change

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate how QI differs from Research
  • Situate the role of a literature review within the process of QI
  • Employ PDSA as a formal model (among many options) to guide QI
  • Appreciate the value of consultation
  • Brainstorm effective ways to use a QI approach to improve existing practice

Registration for this workshop will be limited in size and will be on a first come basis. A waiting list will be kept if the number registrants exceed the workshop capacity.