Business Intelligence and Data-Driven Healthcare

Course Information

Course Code


Instruction Method

Virtual Course




Sept 23th & 24th, 2021


Jean Nash MRT(R)(MR) BSc
Daniel Toubassy MSc

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the value and mechanisms of harnessing data to inform operational
    decision-making and evidence-based care
  • Operationalize a performance management framework at a level appropriate to local
    resources, structures, and expertise
  • Situate the current landscape in business intelligence within the context of the opportunities
    and challenges on the horizon relating to big data and predictive analytics

Course Description

This two-day intensive and interactive course is designed to equip leaders in medical imaging and aligned practice environments to lead in a data-driven world. A course delivery model that pairs expert faculty in data analytics, strategy, and project management alongside leaders across clinical medical imaging modalities, will serve to highlight the value of a collaborative approach to optimizing departmental decision-making. Topics will range from evidence-based practice and performance management frameworks to data visualization and modelling, with introductions to data governance, predictive modelling, and big data highlighting the opportunities that lie ahead.

Diverse case vignettes will showcase clinical examples of data-driven care in Toronto’s Joint Department of Medical Imaging, including MRI schedule optimization and more clinical examples.

By prioritizing a small class size and interactive format, participants will benefit from opportunities for knowledge sharing and structured workshopping of clinical problems relevant to their practice.

Intended For

This course is designed for those in positions of operational leadership in medical imaging (or aligned data-rich environments such as radiation therapy or laboratory medicine). Those who will realize the greatest benefit are those in clinical environments where data might be available but has yet to be harnessed in a way that can optimally inform operational decisions at all levels, from point-of-care to strategic oversight.


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BIHC110-FY1Business Intelligence and Data-Driven Health CareWorkshop$750.00Sep-23-2021 to Sep-24-2021Open