Critical Care Nursing Boot Camp Course- New Fall 2022!

Course Information

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Instruction Method

Hybrid Model:

Online self study modules
In person workshop




2 weeks online plus 1 day in person workshop


Klara Malkova, RN,MEd, CNCC(C)

Learner Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate how to organize at the beginning of a clinical shift
  2. Apply knowledge of A & P and pharmacology to summarize their patient’s admitting diagnosis and course of hospital care
  3. Interpret foundational cardiac rhythms, identify significance and select appropriate interventions
  4. Perform a focused physical assessment , recognizing normal and abnormal findings
  5. Formulate a care plan including nursing priorities for a high-acuity patient
  6. Synthesize relevant patient information to provide a nursing report

Evaluation Method

  • Knowledge checks at the end of each online module.
  • In person workshop facilitated by Critical Care RN where skills and critical thinking will be evaluated.

Intended For

This course is designed to bridge entry-to-practice level nurses into high acuity care settings. Nurses will be provided opportunities to expand their foundation of key skills that will support them towards success in working in a high acuity unit and preparation for critical care nursing training.

Text Book



Online self study followed by 7 hour workshop at Michener.


1. Valid Certificate of Competence to practice nursing in Ontario
2. Legal ability to work in Canada

Topics Covered

Areas of Focus:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical Assessment skills
  • ECG rhythm interpretation foundation
  • High acuity clinical nursing practices
  • Critical thinking

The course consists of an online and workshop component. The online component will build a solid knowledge base and assess comprehension.

The 7 hour in person workshop will focus on bringing all knowledge and skills together within the context of building critical thinking skills by:

  • Demonstrating what critical thinking looks like in a high acuity setting
  • Presenting nurses with opportunities to apply critical thinking skills using real clinical scenarios in a setting where it is safe to learn and make mistakes
  • Exposing nurses to the framework of nursing practice in a high acuity setting to allow them to enter the clinical setting better prepared
  • Prepare nurses to participate in a Critical Care Nursing Program/training.

COVID Vaccine Requirement:

Effective September 7th all learners, faculty and staff must provide proof of at least one-dose of approved COVID-19 vaccine to participate in any in-person learning or on-site activities. Proof of full vaccination will be required as of October 8th, 2021.

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