Difficult Conversations in Health Literate Care Simulations

Course Information

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Instruction Method

Interactive learning online, followed by virtual live simulations.




3 weeks


Tina Papadakos, Sarah Stoyer

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize listening and compassion as clinical skills and describe their impact on health outcomes
  • Establish rapport and develop trust with patients, families and colleagues through person-centered communications techniques
  • Describe key aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication that can make or break connections

Intended For

Clinical and Non-clinical healthcare providers, managers and leaders


As a participant, you  will receive feedback from peers, standardized patient actors and facilitators. It is an invaluable experience and brings compassion and thoughtfulness to the forefront when working with patients, friends, families and colleagues.

Text Book

all materials included

Topics Covered

Effective communication between healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients is important for HCP well-being, patient engagement, and health outcomes. Yet, HCPs do not receive adequate communication skills training and report feeling unprepared for difficult conversations with patients. Difficult Conversations in Health Literate Care was developed to meet this need.

Difficult Conversations in a 2-part course designed to provide you with skills to support patients and families through difficult conversations, with a focus on building therapeutic relationships. In part 1 you complete interactive learning online and engage in discussion with peers. In part 2 of the course, you will participate in virtual live simulations with standardized patient actors and receive focused feedback, coaching and debriefing from peers and trained expert-facilitators.

This program has the potential to increase HCP’s competency in having difficult conversations with patients, families and colleagues and in utilizing inclusive language to build a culture of belonging within the health care organization.

Difficult Conversations in Health Literate Care Simulations DCHS100

COVID Vaccine Requirement:

Effective September 7th all learners, faculty and staff must provide proof of at least one-dose of approved COVID-19 vaccine to participate in any in-person learning or on-site activities. Proof of full vaccination will be required as of October 8th, 2021.

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