MSK Imaging & Neuroradiology Webinar Lecture Series

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Virtually delivered, Zoom links provided for each webinar selected.


Individual webinars $50/webinar, 3 Neuroradiology webinars $120, 3 MSK Imaging webinars $120, All 6 webinars $200


Maximum 6 hours


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Learner Outcomes

This 6 lecture series includes 3 lectures on MSK imaging and 3 lectures on neuroradiology. Led by experts in their fields at one of North America’s premier academic medical imaging departments, this lecture series will provide state of the art insight into hot topics and advances in neuro and MSK imaging .The lectures will also provide a practical approach to the management implications of emergent issues that impact our reporting of brain tumours and stroke patients. The MSK series will lead the participant through commonly encountered pathologies and pitfalls when reporting MRI and plain films of the shoulder, hip and ankle.

Course Objectives


• Have a working knowledge of the new WHO classification in brain tumour classification, and understand the utility of advanced MR techniques in follow up and monitoring.
• Understand the role of DSC (perfusion) in imaging of brain tumours and be able to distinguish the subtypes and be aware of common pitfalls in their usage.
• Develop an approach to reporting stroke imaging to include terminology that is helpful to patient triage and tailored to address the criteria which enable endovascular management

MSK Imaging

• Develop an approach to imaging the ankle and hind foot with a focus on imaging of commonly missed injuries and understanding of their underlying mechanisms
• Understand normal shoulder anatomy and develop and approach to imaging findings in labral injuries and unstable shoulders
• Be able to competently assess the hip labrum, as well as identify FAI and labral injuries

Intended For

This course is designed for community and general radiologists, subspecialty radiologists, and trainees in the divisions of neuroradiology, neurology, and musculoskeletal imaging.


Due to the variable registration options, please select webinars carefully. There will be no transfers, or refunds for this offering.

  • individual webinars, $50 each
  • all 3 Neuroradiology webinars $120
  • all 3 MSK Imaging webinars $120
  • all 6 webinars $200, greatest savings!


Virtual delivery, Zoom link(s)provided

Topics Covered

Neuroradiology Webinars:

March 7 12-1pm Updates in Brain Tumour Imaging Presenter: Dr. Paula Alcaide Leon
March 13 12-1pm MR Perfusion for Brain Tumours Presenter: Dr. Paula Alcaide Leon
March 21 12-1pm Stroke Imaging for the General Radiologist – an update  Presenter: Dr. Patrick Nicholson

MSK Imaging Webinars:

March 28 12-1pm Plain Film Ankle and Hindfoot Presenter: Dr. Bob Bleakney
April 4 12-1pm MRI Shoulder: Labrum and Capsule Presenter: Dr. Bob Bleakney
April 11 12-1pm MRI Hip: Labrum and FAI Presenter: Dr. Bob Bleakney

MSK Imaging &Neuroradiology Webinar Lecture Series MSNW100

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