Principles of Clinical Research II

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Instruction Method

Online – login information will be emailed on the course start date


Domestic: $799 International: $1042


12 weeks – 4.8 CEU


Faiza Khawaja

Learner Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to understand clinical trials in an effective manner. This course provides the basic knowledge and skills required to understand the research process and to plan and conduct quality clinical trials. By taking this course you will be able to understand further advance concepts of Clinical research such as study question, types or designs of clinical trials, recruitment, importance of subject adherence, randomization, blinding, study population, variables, specialty types of clinical research, clinical trials with medical devices, challenges in conducting clinical trials, etc. Once you know these aspects of clinical research you will be able to understand, investigate, manage, coordinate or analyze the clinical trial comfortably.

This course consists of 10 Modules:

1: Review- Principles of Clinical Research

2: Study question

3: Study Designs

4: Study Population

5: Recruitment

6: Adherence

7: Bias and Confounding/ Blinding

8: Randomization

9: Medical Device Clinical Trials

10: Challenges in Conduct of Clinical trial

Evaluation Method

Mid-term, group assignment, participation, final test

Intended For

Healthcare professionals interested in clinical research

Text Book

not required

Certificate Program

Clinical Research Program

Topics Covered

• Study question
• Designs of clinical trials
• Recruitment
• Adherence
• Randomization
• Blinding
• Confounding factors and bias
• Study population
• Variables
• Clinical trials with medical devices
• Challenges in conducting clinical trials

Principles of Clinical Research II (CRCR240) is an advanced course in the Clinical Research Program for healthcare professionals interested in clinical research who want to further develop their clinical trial skills.

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