Professional Practice in the Medical Laboratory

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13 weeks


Jennifer O'Leary

Learner Outcomes

This online course is offered to help Medical Laboratory Professionals build their knowledge of professional practice. A solid foundation of your professional role including expectations with respect to legislation, standards of practice, codes of ethics, consent, confidentiality/privacy etc. The course will introduce students to the concepts and support for interprofessional collaboration, reflective practice, teamwork and leadership, with relevancy to provincial and national competencies surrounding professional responsibilities.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course students should be able to:

  1. Construct a plan for continuous professional development that includes the requirements for your profession
  2.  Investigate professional legislation and standards governing your profession
  3. Explore the foundations of interprofessional education and collaboration
  4. Cultivate reflective practice skills for continuous professional development
  5. Demonstrate communication skills for interprofessional collaboration

Evaluation Method

Students will engage in weekly learning activities, participate in online discussions and enhance their professional portfolio. Participation in discussion groups is required as a component of the course work to allow for peer collaboration and discourse. The facilitator is present to support students throughout their learning in advisement, feedback and assessment capacities.

Text Book

No required text. Course material will be delivered through the Internet in a self-study format.




Medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) and medical laboratory assistants/technicians (MLA/Ts) with a foundational understanding of their profession and the workings of a medical laboratory are best suited to this course.

Professional Practice in the Medical Laboratory (PML110)


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