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The team at Convergence2023 is proud to announce the Season 2 launch of our podcast series.
Join our host Inderjeet – Marketing Advisor, Continuing Education, The Michener Institute of Education at UHN – as she speaks to various thought-leaders in health care & education on a wide range of topics leading up to the Convergence2023 Conference.
The Convergence Podcast is back with another thought-provoking episode.

Episode 1:

Our first guest is Eden Dales, MSW RSW a registered social worker and a member of The Ontario Association of Social Workers.

Eden has almost twenty years of clinical experience in the field of social work, with expertise in trauma recovery. She is the owner and director of Eden Dales Social Work (EDSW), a community based social work practice, and she also has a private counselling practice in North York.

In this conversation, Eden discusses her journey into social work, her experience working in New York City following the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center, dealing with feelings of shame and adaptability, as well as an introduction to trauma informed care.

In this second episode of our conversation with Eden Dales, we go in-depth on trauma informed care, the relationship between stress and trauma, understanding the importance of a trauma informed approach, creating healthy boundaries, and crisis intervention.

We also hear about Eden’s own personal philosophy to life and work, and her upcoming work with COSTI Immigrant Services, where she will become an educator for their new gender-based violence project.

And as a reminder, Eden will be presenting at this year’s Convergence2023!

In this third episode, we speak to Karlos Enrrique Sun – an advanced practice nurse educator at the University Health Network, overseeing the Multi Organ Transplant, General Medicine and Cardiology units at Toronto General Hospital.

Karlos has completed a Master of Nursing degree with a focus on leadership and education from Toronto Metropolitan University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from York University. Karlos also has certifications in Critical Care and Critical Care Nursing (Adults).

Karlos has years of clinical teaching experience, having fufilled the role of a clinical nursing faculty and clinical course lead at Centennial College. In addition, he has taught laboratories, simulations, and online lectures for the Practical Nursing (PN) and Personal Support Worker (PSW) programs at Centennial College. Karlos also has experience facilitating Critical Care Programs for Michener and Sunnybrook.

Karlos has a professional interest in the use of simulation in nursing education, gamification of learning, best practice guidelines, and scholarship of teaching and learning methodologies.

Karlos will be presenting at this year’s Convergence2023 – and check his other works, here:

YouTube Channel (Army of Nurses)

Gamification projects (Army of Nurses) on NewGrounds 


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