Simulated Participant Program

As a member of the global simulated participant (SP) community of practice, we are a leader in SP methodology. We are dedicated to inspiring lifelong learning, bridging student success at entry-to-practice with continuous professional development through innovative human-centred communication.

  • Integrity
    • We are dedicated to ethical, transparent and evidence-informed education
    • We are committed to inclusive authorship and representation in all simulation activity
  • Safety and wellness
    • We are committed to preserving and promoting safety equitably for all stakeholders across the healthcare education spectrum
    • We embrace the imperative to do no harm by respecting the complexity of communication
  • Compassion
    • We listen respectfully and respond compassionately to the diverse perspective of patients, colleagues, learners and faculty
  • Collaboration
    • We value all stakeholders as essential contributors to the education process
    • We foster partnerships, teamwork, and co-creation through relationship building

Who are Simulated Participants?

Simulated participants (SPs) are individuals who are trained to portray authentic roles to facilitate experiential learning, including patients, clients, health care professionals, and family members (Lewis et al., 2017).  They are not ‘used’ as a tool, but rather engaged as a living resource.  They are not ‘actors’ (normally associated with entertainment) but highly trained, skilled individuals who provide constructive communication feedback from the perspective of the client or patient, and always with the learner as their central focus.

SPs may be engaged for both formative learning and summative assessment.  For the purposes of summative assessment, SPs are typically trained to behave in a highly repeatable or standardized manner in order to give every learner a fair and equal opportunity (Lewis et al., 2017).

Potential Simulated Participants

If you are interested in working with Michener’s Simulated Participant Program, please send your CV to SP positions are part-time casual.

Contact Us

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