Simulation Theatre

The 4th floor provides a variety of simulation facilities and environments to enable to education and assessment of health professions using collaborative patient-centered practice scenarios. They include:

  • Simulation studios: flexible spaces that can be set up to simulate patient room, triage unit, operating room, etc.
  • Fully integrated recording equipment configured to the CAE LearningSpace® recording and debriefing system
  • Staging studio: rooms with sliding partitions to double, triple or quadruple size and allow for multiple scenarios
  • Control rooms
    • Elevated and feature one-way glass for scenario monitoring
    • Two-way communication between control rooms and simulation rooms
    • Infrastructure available to control mannequins and AV recording
  • Debrief, multi-purpose and breakout rooms with:
    • Infrastructure to support viewing and debriefing previously recorded AV via CAE LearningSpace®
    • Projector, motorized screen, cameras