Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy
DepartmentHuman Resources and Information Management
Creation DateJuly 1, 2008
Approval DateJuly 1, 2008

Organizational Scope

Michener community (staff and students).


The following policy defines how The Michener Institute (hereafter referred to as “Michener”) IM systems are to be used.


Information Management “IM” will be used as a term to describe all computers, computer systems and computer related assets,and includes all related peripheral equipment, data, software, storage media,media, e-mail, telecommunication hardware and software, internet access, FTP (file transfer protocol) access, remote access, and all other electronic transmissions, purchased by The Michener Institute.


1. Michener IM systems are to be used in a legal, ethical, responsible and courteous manner.  Michener’s computing resources shall not be used for personal commercial purposes, for personal financial gain, and/or any other gain. Incidental personal use of Michener’s computing resources for other purposes is permitted when it does not interfere with the performance of the user’s job or other Michener responsibilities, and is otherwise in compliance with this policy.


2. All documentation, licenses, manuals, data, software, hardware and computer related assets, are the property of Michener and are not to be copied, altered, manipulated, transferred or retained without prior written authorization from Michener.


3. Michener IM systems must retain the configuration of hardware and software as defined at the time of installation. Users must not install or modify hardware and/or software without the prior approval of the Director, IM. Unannounced system audits are performed on a regular basis. Unauthorized system configurations will be corrected upon detection, documented and discussed with the department head.


4. All users of Michener IM systems are responsible for the protection of computer assets and for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information to which they have access. A user of Michener computing resources shall not state or imply that they speak on behalf of the Michener or use logos without authorization to do so. Affiliation with the Michener does not, by itself, imply authorization to speak on behalf of Michener. Authorization to use logos may be granted only by Communications & PR.


5. All users have been issued a personal identification code and password to facilitate access to IM systems required by their position. The security of the Identification Code and Password is the user’s responsibility and should not be shared freely. Should an access code become compromised, the user must contact the IM department immediately and the password will be changed. During working hours, employees are to use the Michener’s computers only for the Michener’s business.


6. Michener IM systems including data storage systems, e-mail, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access, and Internet access are to be accessed for the purpose in which Michener has granted prior to authorization. Users are prohibited to access Internet sites displaying pornographic or other material inappropriate for the workplace.


7. Users must not attempt to access, search, copy or remove any resources for which they do not have prior authorization. It is the User’s responsibility to notify IM if they find they have access to resources that it would be inappropriate for them to have so the problem can be corrected. Users accessing IM systems by remote access are responsible for the use of the connection provided by dial-in, and must ensure that the connection is used for legitimate business purposes.


8. E-mail is the property of Michener, and should be used in a professional manner, and not for threatening, harassing or advertising purposes. Michener may monitor e-mail and internal usage. The user has no expectation of privacy with respect to the use of Michener’s computers or e-mail system.


9. All Michener employees, contractors and students given access to Michener IM systems, must comply with the provision specified by copyright laws and licensing agreements that apply to documentation and software that has been purchased by and/or licensed to Michener for use by its employees and students.


10. Before leaving a workspace for any extended time period, users must log off all active sessions. Complete shutdown of the workstation, hard drive or otherwise complete log off of PCs is mandatory at the end of a work day. If a problem has been encountered that requires a host system restart, the IM support personnel will try to contact all ‘logged on’ users and inform them of the situation. If a user cannot be contacted within a 15 minute time period, IM personnel will terminate the active session and perform the restart.



I have read and understand the policy use of Michener IM systems. I agree to comply with the policy and associated procedures as stated above. Any violation if the policy may, at Michener’s discretion, result in Michener withdrawing the user’s computer privileges. Users will be subject to disciplinary action for violation of the policy.


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