Course Management Procedure

Course Management Procedure
Approval DateJuly 14, 2014
Effective DateSeptember 2, 2014


The purpose of the course management policy is to provide a framework of common understanding for students and faculty concerning the structures, procedures, objectives and requirements that pertain to Michener courses.


Process for the Distribution of Course Outlines

  1. In preparation for the new semester, Faculty ensure final Course Outlines* are updated for the current academic year in WIDS (for CLI) and MS Word format (for program AA) by mid-July for fall semester, by mid-November for winter semester, and by mid-March for summer semester
  2. Faculty Members provide Approved Course Outlines to their respective Academic Chairs for signature
  3. Faculty Members store the course WIDS file to the program’s Y:/ folder
  4. The Programs’ Administrative Assistants convert approved Course Outlines to PDF format and arrange posting of course outlines and course description for availability to students 30 days prior to the first day of class
  5. Administrative Assistants upload
    1. Course Outlines directly to myMichener via the link provided by Information Management.
    2. only the course description section of each Course Outline to the appropriate location on Michener’s website.
  6. The Programs’ Administrative Assistants provide Faculty Members with a copy of the approved Course Outlines. Faculty post the approved Course Outline to the appropriate Blackboard site.
  7. Course changes during the semester are updated and recorded in the WIDS file (including the revision history) by Faculty, and reported to the Programs’ Administrative Assistants. The Administrative Assistants repeat steps 3 and 4 above.

* new courses or courses with major and minor revisions, please refer to the AAC Guidelines document

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