Handheld Wireless Communication Device Policy

Handheld Wireless Communication Device Policy
DepartmentHuman Resources
Creation DateOctober 29, 2009
Approval DateOctober 29, 2009
Effective DateOctober 29, 2009

Organizational Scope

These guidelines apply to all permanent and contract employees of Michener who are supplied handheld wireless communication devices.


The Handheld Wireless Communication Device guidelines defines how The Michener Institute’s (hereafter referred to as “Michener”) supplied devices are to be used.



  1. Michener employees will enable voicemail on their supplied handheld wireless device and allow incoming telephone calls, while operating a vehicle, to go to voicemail unless using a suitable hands-free device.
  2. Handheld wireless devices will not be used for sending or receiving email while operating a vehicle.
  3. If there is a need to use the device during an emergency:
    1. Pull over safely if conditions allow.
    2. Keep emergency calls as brief as possible.
    3. Alert the caller that you are on the road.
    4. End conversations immediately if driving conditions or situations become hazardous.
  4. All employees must sign this form upon receipt of a device to confirm understanding and acceptance of the guidelines and the government legislation. This form will be sent by Information Management to Human Resources to be housed in the individual’s personnel file.
  5. A copy of the complete amendments to the legislation will be provided to employees.
  6. Employees will be responsible for all fines for failure to follow the legislation.
  7. Employees are required to sign a new form if issued a new device or number.

Associated Documentation


The Government of Ontario has passed the Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act,2009. This Act restricts the use of handheld wireless communication devices or any handheld electronic entertainment device while operating a vehicle.

“Driving while holding or using a hand-held wireless communication device or electronic entertainment device is prohibited. Use of such devices in the hands-free mode is exempted.

Use of such devices, while the motor vehicle is off the travelled part of the road, not in motion and not impeding traffic, is exempted. Drivers of ambulances, fire department vehicles and police department vehicles are exempted from the prohibitions respecting hand-held wireless communication devices, as are any drivers using the devices to contact ambulance, police or fire department emergency services. The Minister of transportation may prohibit holding or using other devices by regulation and may provide for further exemptions by regulation.”1

Click or copy this URL to view these amendments and changes to the Highway Traffic Act: http://www.e-laws.qov.on.ca/htmI/source/statutes/english/2009/elaws src s09004 e.htm


I have read and understand the guideline for use of Michener supplied handheld wireless communication devices. I agree to comply with the guidelines as stated above. Any fines received by me for not following the Act are my responsibility.

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