REB Communications with Participants

REB Communications with Participants
DepartmentApplied Educational Research
Creation DateMay 6, 2011
Approval DateMay 6, 2011
Effective DateMay 6, 2011

Organizational Scope

This policy pertains to all staff, faculty, students or external persons intending to participate in or carry out research at and/or in collaboration with the Michener Institute.


The purpose of this policy is to describe how the Research Ethics Board (REB) and Research Office will communicate with research participants.


The REB is committed to promoting participant protection and ethical conduct for all research endeavours carried out at The Michener Institute.  The REB will make every effort to foster and maintain a confidential, collaborative line of communication with research participants.  In appreciation of the REB dual role of research review and education, the REB will endeavour to assist participants appreciate the scientific and ethical requirements of research by answering questions, providing additional information and addressing any concerns they might have.


This policy applies to the REB Chair, members of the REB and Research Office and/or administration.  The REB Chair will assume responsibility for all official correspondence with participants related to submissions and projects at The Michener Institute.

2.0  Procedures

2.1         Communications with Research Participants

2.1.1      Contact information for the REB will be clearly published on the Informed Consent Document and provided to all potential study participants (see Policy: Informed Consent Requirements and Documentation);

2.1.2      Participants or potential participants will be encouraged to contact the REB should they have any additional concerns or questions regarding their participation in research, their rights as a participant or any ethical issues associated with study participation;

2.1.3      The REB Chair or designate will respond to requests, questions and comments within an acceptable time frame (see AER Service Standards);

2.1.4      With the intent of achieving a mutually satisfactory resolution, the REB Chair or designate will address any concerns or issues within as practicably expeditious time as possible consulting with the investigator or any other entity deemed necessary;

2.1.5      The REB Chair or designate will document all communications with research participants and maintain this record on file in the Research Office (see Policy: REB Documentation).

3.0  References

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