Seat Purchase Procedure – presently under revision

Seat Purchase Procedure – presently under revision
Creation DateMarch 27, 2013
Approval DateJune 25, 2020
Effective DateSeptember 8, 2020

Organizational Scope

This procedure applies to all full-time and part-time students enrolled in programs offered in The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (“Michener”).


To ensure consistent practice organizationally in response to requests for seat purchase for out of province health care organizations. The contractual obligation is limited to one admission cycle and is in effect for the duration of the program to which the seat purchase applies. The organization/clinic wishing to enter into such an agreement with Michener will hereafter be called the Sponsor.



Any individual request for a seat purchase, outside of provincial seat purchase agreements, will be referred first to the appropriate Academic Chair. The Academic Chair will contact the potential seat purchaser and inform him/her of the process as outlined below to determine if a seat purchase or an Affiliation Agreement for clinical placement is the best option. The Academic Chair will inform the administrative/operational departments that a request has come forward. The Academic Chair will also determine the most reasonable plan of action for the program in question from the options outlined below.

Director, Office of Clinical Education

The Director will contact the Sponsor to discuss:

  • the requirement that students will be placed at the purchaser’s site for the full clinical component of the program.
  • the requirements to become a clinical partner site and provide:
    • The Checklist to Become a Clinical Site;
    • A copy of the Accreditation Canada Program Manual with pertinent sections; and
    • Michener’s Affiliation Agreement.
  • The requirement for a potential site visit by program faculty and/or Office of Clinical Education representative.


Number of seats they wish to purchase

  • The Sponsor must confirm the number of seats they wish to purchase

Payment of tuition and other fees*

  • There is a non-refundable administrative Seat Purchase fee of $1,000.00 per applicant which will be invoiced at the signing of the Seat Purchase Agreement. This fee is in addition to Tuition and Ancillary fees;
  • The Seat Purchase Agreement will indicate whether the student or the sponsor is responsible for payment of the tuition and mandatory fees for each of the nominee(s). If the Sponsor is responsible, they will be invoiced for the seat purchase annually.
  • Students enrolled through this agreement are eligible for scholarships but are not eligible for any awards where there is a financial need associated with the award. These students are also not eligible to receive any bursary support from Michener (or the University of Toronto (UofT) – if this is for a Medical Radiation Sciences (MRS) program). The Sponsor is responsible for informing students of same.
  • The Sponsor must also outline in advance how they will proceed in the situation should their sponsored student(s) incur additional costs due to poor performance and are required to repeat part of the program.

*For Seat Purchase Agreements between Michener/UofT joint programs and a Sponsor, other fees may apply as admissions are processed through UofT.

Clinical Affiliation

  • The Sponsor is required to sign and maintain a current Clinical Affiliation Agreement.* This entails meeting all training, reporting and grading standards as directed by Michener;
  • Amendment to the Clinical Affiliation Agreement may be required to ensure it aligns with the Seat Purchase Agreement, e.g. Sponsor is required to pay for clinical visits, etc.,
  • The Sponsor must agree to provide all clinical placements (as required for the respective programs) for each of their nominees who are admitted to Michener.

*For Seat Purchase Agreements for the MRS joint Michener/UofT program, UofT will review existing Clinical Affiliation Agreements then Michener’s, and if none exist one will be created under UofT as per the umbrella agreement memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Michener/UofT.

  • The Academic Chair will verify if there are any provincial seat placement agreements in place that might be enhanced prior to moving forward with an individual sponsored site request
  • The Academic Chair responsible for the program needs to assess whether the program impacted by the request is meeting or exceeding labour market needs under obligation to Ministry of Health (MOH); and
  • The Academic Chair will work with Registrar to determine applicant pool history in support of or in lieu of above to ensure obligations to MOH are met.

If the above conditions are met:

  • The Academic Chair determines capacity of the program by reviewing human resource plans, equipment resources and whether seat purchase will be within or above the intake for the academic year;
  • The Academic Chair will contact the appropriate individual at partnering institutions where the seat purchase request involves a joint program; and
  • Lastly, the Academic Chair must confirm through the Office of Clinical Education that the site meets clinical standards as set out by Michener.


Student Nominations

  • The Sponsor is required to select individual(s) and submit the names of the individual(s) to the Registrar at Michener by February 1 of the year they wish to be considered for admission. Being nominated by a Sponsor does not guarantee the nominee(s) admission to the program in question. The nominee(s) must follow the regular application process and must also meet all academic and non-academic admission requirements as outlined below.

Application and Admission Requirements for all nominees

  • Every nominee brought forward through this process must apply either through the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) or if applying for Medical Radiation Sciences through The Ontario Universities Application Centre (The OUAC) no later than the standard February application deadline;
  • The nominee must complete all requirements for admission, including submission of all relevant academic transcripts and documents demonstrating they meet the admission requirements for the program;*
  • In addition, the nominee(s) must have an overall grade point average that falls no less than 5% of the average entering grade based on historical review of the admission grades for the previous 3 to 5 intakes for the program, determined by the Registrar’s Office.

*For the joint Michener/UofT MRS program the nominee(s) must have an overall grade point average that falls no less than 5% of the average entering grade based on historical review of the admission grades for the previous 3-5 intakes for the programs, determined by the Registrar’s Office.


  • If the applicant(s) are successful up to this point they will be invited to participate in the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) process.* Students must complete the MMI process and achieve an overall minimum score of 50 out of 100 in the MMIs to be offered a seat in a Michener program and 60 out of 100 for one of the joint UofT programs. Any costs associated with the applicant participating in the MMI will be borne by either the applicant or the sponsoring site as determined between them.

*Or other admissions process supplementary to the GPA as determined by Michener or in the case of joint programs by the partner institutions, as required.



Student Status

  • The program will commence on the date published by Michener. The Sponsor agrees that the sponsored nominee will be a student of Michener and will be accorded the rights and responsibilities of Michener students and must adhere to all policies and procedures as set out by Michener. The Sponsor will not require the student to adhere to academic policies other than those of the program.
  • All deposits and fees must be made by the published deadlines by either the Sponsor or the nominated student (depending on the agreement reached).


  • Should the Sponsor’s nominee(s) not be successful for academic or other reasons, the Sponsor may be given an opportunity to maintain their clinical status and accept a non-sponsored student for a clinical placement dependent on the number of students and clinical placements available in the program at the time, at no cost to Michener.


  • If none of the nominees put forward by the Sponsor be successful, and the purchase agreement was made with the understanding that the program was accepting above the usual admission quota, Michener has the right to consider admitting additional non-sponsored students into the program, if the Sponsor agrees to provide clinical placements for the non-sponsored students. Should this be the situation, the Sponsor will agree to take the non-sponsored students at no cost to Michener.

Revision History

Date Reviewer Change(s) Made
Renata Bradley Gail Rodrigues Lisa Rosenberg Paul Smith New procedure
Academic Approval Council Simplification of wording to clarify payment of tuition and fees
June 15, 2017 Wendy Pais Document reviewed; no changes required
June 25, 2020 Cathy Carson, Sydney Redpath Updated roles and admission requirements, added details about the Seat Purchase fee and clarified that sponsor or student may be responsible for fees. Clarification of some process steps for joint programs