Edward Mallinckrodt Award of Excellence in Nuclear Medicine

Program(s): Nuclear Medicine

Title: Edward Mallinckrodt Award of Excellence in Nuclear Medicine

Code: A-16-9421

Type: Scholarship

Term Status: Semester 4 + Summer Simulated Clinical Semester

Residency Requirements:

OTSS Funded*: No

Demonstrated Financial Need*: No

Criteria 1: Exhibited superior competencies, particularly in radiopharmacy: capable of multi-tasking efficiently and with care, demonstrating team-work and a collaborative attitude

Criteria 2: Exhibited a strong proficiency in patient-centred care: compassion, sensitivity, and the ability to provide assurance and comfort; operating in a highly transparent manner while educating the patient on the process, and building a strong rapport with the

Criteria 3: Demonstrated leadership in class and in the simulated clinical semester; integrity, dedication, magnanimity, humility, openness, forward-looking. Active participant in and contributor to Institute activities and initiatives, with a demonstrable track reco

Minimum GPA: A

Type of Application: Application and nomination.

Application Requirements: A 500 word essay outlining their eligibility and qualifications based on the above criteria.

Nomination/Reference Requirements: 3 letters of support from: Nuclear Medicine Faculty, Non-Nuclear Medicine Faculty member and an individual in a position to validate the applicant’s volunteerism

Selection Made By: Scholarship & Awards Committee

Award Value: $1250

Number of Awards: 1

Application Instructions:

Refer to the “Application Requirements” and “Criteria” above and provide evidence of how you meet the criteria to regoffice@michener.ca clearly indicating the award you are applying for by the deadline date (September 27).

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