Blood Lab Technicians / Phlebotomists


The Reproductive Care Centre


Mississauga, ON


Reports to: Laboratory Directoror Supervisor/ClinicManager

Basic Function:

Blood lab technicians are responsible for drawing blood from patients undergoing investigation or treatment for infertility. They also are responsible for receiving various patient samples from internal clinic staff for testing at commercial laboratories. When drawing blood, phlebotomists are responsible for ensuring the safety of their patients and the integrity of the sample after collection. Accurate patient identification is essential and phlebotomists are expected to obtain two unique identifiers from the patient and to label all specimens with those identifiers. The unique identifiers are verified with the patient at collection. If suitably trained, blood lab technicians run hormone tests on the blood analyzer, report test results and enter them into clinic databases. Ensuring proper quality assurance and operation of the analyzer are also duties of technicians in the blood lab.


· Ensures that all technical procedures are carried out according to the Laboratory Procedure Manual in a reliable, competent manner;

· Ensures all communications of the department are screened and acted upon;

· Ensure the correct identification of specimens, and conveys to the Laboratory Director/Supervisor or promptly deals with any unsuitable specimens;

· Issues provisional reports according to protocols so that delays in transmitting information to the medical staff are minimized;

· Records data on tests/procedures in a clear and concise way, so that all staff members can immediately understand what tests/procedures have been performed and what results obtained;

· Conveys any significant abnormal test/procedure results to the Laboratory Director (or Laboratory Supervisor), or take appropriate action as required;

· Ensures that an adequate inventory of reagents, media and lab supplies are in readiness at all times to perform tests and procedures;

· Brings to the attention of the Laboratory Director/Supervisor or acts upon any errors detected or made, and respond as objectively as possible;

· Uses all laboratory equipment according to laboratory protocols and guidelines and reports or repairs actual or potential malfunctions immediately;

· Becomes familiar with all new or revised procedures as they become available and maintains laboratory currency by regular review of the Laboratory Manual;

· Assists in training new personnel or technicians from other centers in learning laboratory tests/procedures and recording methods;

· Participates in safety programs within the clinic;

· Maintains up-to-date quality assurance records for tests and procedures performed in the Laboratory;

· Performs frequent maintenance, monitoring and repair of essential equipment to ensure optimum operation;

· Participates in continuing education through attendance at internal journal clubs and outside meetings and symposia.


Attributes / Position Requirements:

· An ability to apply rigorous quality control procedures;

· Well-developed problem solving techniques;

· Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work under minimal supervision;

· Effective communication and interpersonal skills;


· BSc in Biology or related field or diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.

· Documented training for phlebotomy.

Scope of Financial Responsibility:

· Act in compliance with legal rules and regulations applicable to the position.

Professional Development:

· The blood laboratory technician must demonstrate an ongoing commitment for continuing self-development.

· Participate in professional associations at a regional, national, and international level.

· Maintain clinical competence through the integration of practise, education and research within the specialty role.

Type of Job

Part-time, Permanent


Schedule: Day shift, Monday to Friday


Work remotely: No

COVID-19 precaution(s): Remote interview process


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