Chiropodist, Allied Health Program (Full-time)


LAMP Community Health Center

LAMP Community Health Centre is a multi-service, community based charitable organization that provides a wide range of programs and services to improve a person's health. LAMP uses a co-ordinated approach to connect people to medical services and other programs that build personal resources. By providing services that improve physical, emotional, social and economic well-being, people can better control their health and environment.


East Mississauga, Ontario


Primary Responsibilities

• Perform clinical duties utilizing the full scope of chiropodial practice in a tailored approach, that is, assessing patients for foot health and illness care, treating and preventing disease, dysfunctions, or disorders of the lower limb by therapeutic or palliative means (e.g. physical examinations, advanced wound care, injection of drugs, matrixectomy, patient education, monitoring of chronic illness, treatment of local soft tissue and dermatological disorders of the foot and ankle, and through developing regimes for laser, ultrasound, TENS, mobilisation, and injury-specific exercises, etc.).
• Respond appropriately to clinical situations/medical emergencies.
• Listen and choose how to convey information and ideas concisely in ways that will be clearly understood.
• Ensure communication with other health care providers regarding patient care, making referrals as needed for comprehensive care, being involved in outreach and committee work.
• Document patient visits thoroughly and accurately in the client record daily.
• Prescribe oral and topical medication for management of pain, inflammation and infection.
• Prescribe, cast, fabricate and assess appropriate functioning of orthoses and ankle foot orthotic devices and support access to custom made orthopedic shoes.
• Prescribe, measure, fit and advise regarding compression stockings.
• Promote healthy behaviours to encourage foot health and on-going increased mobility.
• Supervise chiropody students.
• Use a systematic approach to planning and problem solving both people and thing problems.
• Adapt to and work effectively with various individuals in a variety of situations or adapt one’s approach to accommodate changes in the situation. Understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives on an issue.
• Work effectively with patients to achieve common objectives. Take action to create and sustain highly motivated patients to achieve common objectives.
• Order, dispense and collect reimbursement for clinical supplies and goods for sale.
• Ensure equipment is maintained and assist with updating capital inventory.
• Ensure clinical supplies are available when required.
• Monitor patient scheduling and waiting list.
• Bill and collect reimbursement for products sold, maintain financial records, and transfer funds.
• Know, understand and operate within budget.
• Carefully monitor expenses on a regular basis.
• Prepare reimbursement support documents for insurance and ODSP/OW.


Required Qualifications

• Certificate of Competency Current registration/license without limitations with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.
• At least three years’ experience, preferably in community-based care.
• Proficiency in the manufacturing of custom orthotic devices.
• Excellent interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively across all levels of the organization’s diverse workforce.
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to clearly convey information and ideas.
• Positive attitude and dependable with strong initiative and the ability to work both independently and in a team oriented atmosphere.
• Demonstration of knowledge, understanding and practicing of infection control and prevention.
• Demonstrated commitment to, and knowledge of, the principles of primary health care, health promotion, and community based health care delivery.
• Demonstrated ongoing continuing education in practice and knowledge areas.
• Cross cultural experience and a second language an asset.
• Remaining calm under stress.
• Perceptive and sensitive to the feelings and attitudes of others.
• Open minded, eager and willing to constantly learn and improve oneself.
• Knowledge of LAMP Community Health Centre, the South Etobicoke/ East Mississauga community, and/or a second language that is reflective of the community being served are all preferable assets.

Proficiency in the Following Computer Skills

• Solid working knowledge and ability to navigate a PC windows environment, including shared drives, as well as internet/intranet environment.
• Strong MS Word skills as well as basic skills using Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Electronic Health Records (EHR) database
• Ability to learn new software quickly and willingness to continuously develop technology skills.

Working Conditions

• The hours may vary (day and evening) with shifts predominantly in the afternoon and evening.
• The work is often with challenging clients and is very fast paced.
• Sharp instruments and large equipment are used regularly.
• Awkward body positions are often required to provide treatment.
• Ability to effectively understand the appreciation of guiding fundamentals at LAMP, i.e. Health Promotion, Anti-Oppression; Harm Reduction and the principles of community-based practice. “Walk the talk.”

Physical Requirements

• The work is often in awkward positions and includes fine scalpel work as well as using large bench-top equipment.
• The Chiropodist must maintain an organized and clean working environment and possess safe working habits.
• Protection required for exposure to infectious diseases, infections, fumes, bad odours, and medical sharps.
• Frequent data entry, with extended periods of time sitting stationary in front of a monitor while keyboarding.
• Ability to balance all job requirements in a busy atmosphere, including responding promptly to all communication.
• Occasional standing for extended periods of time and some occasional lifting may be required.
• Ensures that staff and clients are compliant with LAMP’s Health & Safety regulations and LAMP’s policies and procedures, including the immediate reporting of any breaches of Health & Safety or Environmental incidents, accidents or concerns to their respective manager/supervisor and/or the Director, Human Resources.

As part of our mandate for inclusivity, reasonable accommodations can be made for all incumbents to perform the described physical functions of the aforementioned job.

Start Date



35 hours per week


$63,597 to $75,043 per year (to be prorated)


Temporary Full Time Position: 35 hours per week
Position Period: August, 2023 to March 31, 2024 (with possibility of extension)
Salary: $63,597 to $75,043 per year (to be prorated)
Location: East Mississauga Site
Proof of Vulnerable Check is required prior to hiring



Vicki Liu


Human Resources Generalist


185 Fifth Street, Etobicoke, ON. M8V 2Z5


416 252 9701


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