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Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare brings the worlds of thorough biomechanics and podiatric expertise together into one ego-less offering. This offers patients total foot care and puts the patient's, needs, wellness, and best interests as the most important aspect of clinic operations. From a clinician's perspective, this means spending the time on thorough diagnoses that aim to find root causes, beyond identifying obvious presenting conditions. Expert patient treatment is expected as well as guidance and resources for prevention. It also means being part of an open healthcare community, being open-minded and working with other allied healthcare practitioners in our clinical rounds, and recognizing life-long learning among our medical peers. For a Chiropodist or Podiatrist to earn the recognition of being an 'Align Clinician' involves a 3-month training process.Please only apply if you are up for the challenge, and the personal rewards. It's a very specific type of dedicated and intrinsically motivated person we're searching for, but we sincerely hope we find you. We look forward to hearing from you, reading your cover letter and resume, and discussing this opportunity with you further.


Mississauga, Ontario


As a Chiropodist or Podiatrist and an Align Clinician, your goal is to determine root causes of body alignment imbalances and dermatological conditions, empower and motivate the client through the process of an inspiring, educational and holistic treatment plan – creating client affinity for the Align brand creatively, empathetically and clinically.
This position reports to Darius Dinshaw, Co-Founder.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Client care
o Body Alignment Assessments– for both reactive and proactive client health reasons
o Satisfaction guaranteed Align custom-fit footwear fittings
o Results-based, innovative, and ever-improving client treatment
o Professional footwear tutorials and fittings
o Designing custom Align Orthotics
o Footcare/chiropody assessments
o Protocol for signature treatments
o Chiropody care including but not limited to: nail, callus, corn, skin, injections, minor soft tissue surgery limited to scope of practice according to College of Chiropodists of Ontario.
o Medical prescriptions as necessary
o Follow up appointments
o Fitting for compression socks
o Bracing assessment, design & treatment
o Orthopedic appliance and footwear modifications
o A client needs focus and mindset
o Laymen-speak explanation of service and product features and benefits
o Developing and maintaining strong client relations for their long-term understanding of value in Align’s services and products
o Referring internally through the holistic foot health circuit
• Education
o Developing consumer educational content
o Participation and driving momentum in the Align Clinician Program and clinical rounds
o Physician and allied HCP networking, presentations, content preparation, and building referrals in and out
o Awareness campaigns and community outreach with aligned parties to pull aligned clients in
o Innovation with the latest medical advances, technologies, and fashion trends
• Operations
o Assist in developing necessary policies & procedures
o Database management
o Organization, cleaning, upkeep, and management of equipment, supplies, workshop, and clinical assessment areas
• Team building
o Empowering team culture to thrive
o Achieving sales targets and other KPIs
o Teamwork tenets and collaboration with the entire Align team
o General administrative duties such as answering phones, client scheduling, responding to emails, invoicing, merchandising, clinic upkeep, receiving, etc.
• Independent projects and other duties as assigned


Do you share our vision and values and want to continually evolve and exceed in excellence with us? We are looking for someone who is passionate about the Chiropody profession, in addition to being medically qualified. Your ego doesn't prevent you from providing community awareness and education, expressing your medical knowledge in patient/layman terms, and writing and recording content as needed. You have the patience to learn and to guide patients into the right type of healthy fashion shoes suited to their feet and their unique biomechanics. (As you know, this is not always an easy task, but our model provides you with the on-site inventory and team support to make this happen, for the patient's best success.) You are well respected among your peers, involved at the College or Association level, and interested in a partnership opportunity in which you can build and grow your practice with strategic business support and collaboration from the Align management team. The number of days we can offer is dependent on your desire to grow.

Your Qualifications

+ A Chiropodist (D.Ch) or Podiatrist (D.P.M or D.Pod.M) preferably with a second designation of specialization. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 3+ years of experience.
+ A high degree of medical knowledge and ability to effectively diagnose beyond obvious presentation
+ Podiatric expertise and experience in advanced patient care, including surgeries, dermatological conditions
+ A desire to build your practice
+ A mentality to continually learn, grow and share knowledge without judgment
+ A desire to learn to diagnose and treat with advanced biomechanics analysis, to the Align Clinician standard
+ A team player in an equitable, collaborative work environment
+ Responsible and trustworthy
+ Detail-oriented, professional, results-oriented
+ A desire for continuous education
+ A mindset to see things from a client needs perspective, collaborate with other industries, and innovate to break down industry barriers

Start Date



We will work with your schedule.


Remuneration is competitive and based on value and partnership arrangement


Our Competitive Compensation Package

+ Remuneration is competitive and based on value and partnership arrangement
+ Extended medical and paramedical health care, vision, dental, and life insurance benefits are available
+ A comprehensive onboarding with 3-month, one-on-one training to match your already expert podiatric skillset with Align's comprehensive biomechanics method. Weekly clinical consults. You’re guaranteed to push your own boundaries and we hope you will find this professionally rewarding.
+ Company events and retreats
+ Seasonal custom-fit footwear of your choice & Footcare Spa gratis as well as brand partner perks



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