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Key Responsibilities
• Sets up and maintains cultures from specimens, selecting the initial process using judgment dependent on specimen type and patient differential diagnosis. Harvests cells and prepares slides for cytogenetic and FISH analysis independently adjusting the preparation and staining of slide in order to optimize the individual specimen results. Separates target cells from specimens for FISH analysis.
• Microscope analysis of chromosomes in individual cells, examining all chromosomes for structural and numerical abnormalities. Assesses chromosomal morphology using critical observational and analytical skills. Performs FISH studies on metaphase or interphase cells from bone marrow, blood, solid tumors, fluids, touch preparation slides and tissue embedded in paraffin blocks/sections. This includes hybridization, washing, and microscopic analysis of FISH preparations.
• Analyzes chromosome cases, documents karyotypes using current ISCN nomenclature. Reviews other analyzed cases performed by peers before reporting to Cytogeneticist.
• Reviews research and scientific literature to identify possible clinical applications; participates in the development of new methodologies and protocols.
• Responds appropriately to non-conforming events and unusual situations and is able to identify when to refer more complex issues or problems to their immediate Supervisor.
• Maintains, cleans, decontaminates and organizes work areas based on LEAN Six Sigma principles and established SOPs.
• Participates in the development of standard operating procedures, protocols and manuals.
• Participates in the calibration, maintenance and evaluation of equipment and new products.
• Participates in quality control and quality assurance programs and activities.
• Identifies, troubleshoots and refers (as required) issues relating to difficulties with technical procedures, equipment and materials.
• Participates in learning opportunities for students, medical residents, university students, new staff, peers and other professionals as required.
• Accession samples, specimen login, and completes other LIS worksheets and functions as required.
• Performs other related duties as required.
• Accepts the professional and ethical responsibility to protect privacy, use confidential information appropriately, and maintain the confidentiality and security of all information related to patients, staff and the business of CLS.


Position Requirements
• CMLTA registration and an MLT Practice Permit and evidence of the appropriate CSMLS certification.
• Bachelor of Science and completion of a post Bachelor of Science diploma program in Cytogenetics/Clinical Genetics or equivalent education and training.
• Ability to work effectively and collaboratively in a team environment.
• Ability to complete tasks accurately and proficiently to maintain quality of patient care.
• Strong organizational skills and an ability to prioritize tasks, adjust to changes in workflow, and apply effective change management skills.
• Strong verbal and written communication and effective interpersonal skills for working in a collaborative, team environment.
• Ability to manage assigned work efficiently and employ effective problem solving skills when required.
• No chemical sensitivities: xylene, acetic acid, methanol, bleach, gloves.
• Must be able to visually differentiate between and identify colors of FISH probes.
• In-depth knowledge of cell biology and genetics, with a thorough knowledge of common chromosome abnormalities and their associated clinical features.
• Ability to use cytogenetic nomenclature accurately, recognize clinical histories and chromosome abnormalities.
• Any Canadian equivalency to English 30 or 33 or CLBA score of Benchmark 8 completed within the last six months.
• Criminal Record Check, including a Vulnerable Sector Search, satisfactory to CLS valid within the last three months.


Monday to Saturday, Day shift


$35.04 to $44.76 hourly




Calgary Laboratory Services

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