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The Kirkland and District Hospital is a fully accredited modern, well-equipped Hospital that opened in its current location in 1975. It was originally a 132-bed Hospital and has been gradually downsized to 62 beds as follows: 6 Intensive Care, 41 Medical/Surgical, and 15 Continuing Complex Care. The Hospital currently employs approximately 235 staff (135 full-time, 92 part-time and casual, and 11 management). The Hospital provides emergency, general medicine, general surgery and pediatric services to the local community. It also provides a range of specialty and subspecialty diagnostic and therapeutic clinics. The Hospital is supported by an active Auxiliary and Foundation; both organizations raise much-needed funds for Hospital equipment. The Hospital is involved with the Northern Ontario Residency Training Program and physicians readily accept medical students for elective programs. The active medical staff roster consists of our Chief of Staff, six family physicians, one full-time general surgeon, one GP/Anetesthetist and one physician assistant. The visiting specialist program consists of: Neurology, Urology, Internal Medicine, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology and Gynecology. Support Services include: • Diagnostic Imaging • Physiotherapy • Respiratory Therapy • Renal Dialysis (Satellite of Health Sciences North, Sudbury) • Outpatient Chemotherapy (Satellite of Health Sciences North) • Discharge Planner • Diabetic Clinic • Surgical Services • Ontario Breast Screening Program • Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic • Laboratory • Pastoral Care • Pharmacy • OTN (Ontario Telemedicine Network)• Virtual Critical Care Network


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Kirkland Lake


• Collects or receives patient and is responsible for putting them at ease. Assists patient to prepare for examination, frequently reassures and explains the procedure to be followed.
• Complies with established hospital policies, practices and standards in regards to patient safety.
• Complies with established hospital policies, practices and standards in regards to Occupational Health and Safety.
• Perform all requested radiological procedures that are provided by the Diagnostic Imaging Department
• Perform Diagnostic Imaging in accordance with established standards: The Public Hospital’s Act, Accreditation Canada, Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act (HARP), Terms and conditions of existing collective agreements.
• Maintains and promotes the confidentiality of patients’ health information.
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships, while demonstrating tact and discretion when dealing with patients, the general public, other employees and physicians.
• Process cassettes and verify individual patient cases.
• Turn on x-ray equipment, PACs equipment, U/S equipment (if first in the department).
• Perform equipment preventative maintenance and quality control as required
• Daily maintenance and cleaning of the processor and radiology room and equipment.
• Assesses requisitions, employing professional judgment to determine accuracy of information (checking with patient if necessary) and correctness of requisition (relevance to disease, etc., correct side or part). Check with co-worker or health care provider as necessary.
• Positions or manipulates patients.
• Provides and adjusts immobilization devices as required.
• Provides patient and staff radiation protection in accordance with prescribed safety standards for the department.
• Selects positions and operates equipment as determined to be desirable for examination concerned ensuring no undo harm to the patient.
• Is responsible for accurate orientation and identification of images.
• Capable of assessing quality of individual images in order to provide a complete and satisfactory examination. Should be capable of determining necessary corrective measures if repeat images are needed, or additional images, if any in order to provide high quality diagnostic images for all patients referred to the DI Dept.
• Must be capable of recognizing an actual or impending emergency, so as to report it to a physician or emergency staff.
• Transport patients to and from department.
• Patient care: Lifting, transfers and changing
• Change Back-up tapes (Basix and Broker) daily.
• Selects appropriate contrast media as needed for these examinations, prepares for administration of opaque media and assists Physician in its administration.
• In the event of reactions to contrast media, must contact the Emergency Department for assistance.
• May be responsible for delegated areas of authority in the performance of routine or special procedures.
• May be responsible for specific areas of instruction in a School of Radiographic Technology and of ancillary personnel.
• In the absence of Charge technologist, may be designated as acting in such a capacity having full immediate responsibility for department in certain circumstances Must be capable of recognizing an actual or impending emergency, so as to report it to a physician or emergency staff.
• Practices sterile techniques and prevents cross-contamination in accordance to hospital Infection Control policy and procedures.
• To assume responsibility for orientation of new staff and students and demonstration of equipment.
• Answers phones, schedules appointments, relays messages and performs other clerical duties as required.
• Maintains orderliness and cleanliness in the department ensuring a healthy and safe working environment in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.
• Secures and returns supplies, accessories, etc.
• Is a team player, cooperating with all staff to ensure optimal patient care.
• Is required to rotate duties within the department and by shift as necessary.
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships, while demonstrating tact and discretion when dealing with patients, the general public, other employees and physicians.
• Maintain good public relations by making the hospital resources known to the community and by utilizing resources of the community for the benefit of the patient and the hospital
• Must possess strong problem solving skills.

Continuous Training
• Keep a record of continuing education credits
• May be required to assist in development of technical factors and image selection.
• May assist in the use of a variety of equipment or procedures not routinely taught.
• Must attend in-service training as required, fire drills, etc.
• Keeps informed of new trends in Procedures and to introduce them when feasible to achieve improved patient care.
• Keeps the Charge technologist informed of all relevant factors pertaining to patient care, cost and utilization of equipment, materials and staff.
• Develops and maintains effective working relationships with staff, other departments, and medical staff and community agencies and to inform them of any changes or developments which may affect them.
• Other duties as assigned.


• Registered with the College of Medical Radiology of Ontario (CMRTO) Recommend registration to Canadian/ Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT / OAMRT).
• Fluency in both official languages is an asset.
• Has the physical capacity to perform work, requiring lifting and positioning of equipment and patients according to the EDH lift and transfer policies and the ability to travel distances in the Hospital.
• Familiar with Microsoft Office software, Meditech and other computer programs as needed.
• Certified in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)

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24 to 37.5 per week


30.89 per hour



Jessica Parkman

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Jessica Parkman


Human Resources Assistant


145 Government Road East, Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3P4


705-567-5251 ext. 3204




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