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Position Summary:

Reporting to the Dean, Clinics, the Laboratory Technologist – Blood Lab is responsible for technical instruction, preparation of course materials, case studies, laboratory samples and assessment in their area of instruction. The Laboratory Technologist is expected to have demonstrated expertise in the daily preparation and operation of the Laboratory facility, including equipment and supplies inventory.

• Instructs, reviews and prepares all laboratory course materials for CE4407 including haematology, urinalysis, immunology, clinical chemistry, and phlebotomy.
• Bases teaching methods on knowledge of various learning styles and improve or modifies methods based on peer and student evaluations.
• Ensures students understand and comply with Health & Safety guidelines and standards at all times.
• Is prepared for teaching and ensures learning materials are available. Ensures depth and scope of course are consistent with institution and program outcomes, and meet course learning objectives.
• Advises clinicians, interns, staff and students on laboratory testing procedure costs and interprets laboratory tests.
• Prepares, marks and evaluates practical test material for CE4407. This includes microscopes, prosthetic arms, phlebotomy equipment, urinalysis apparatus, slide preparation and staining, and cholesterol testing system.
• Prepares case studies, collects and analyses laboratory samples.
• Ensures that the assessment questions are appropriate for the learning.
• Analyzes and uses assessment outcomes for improvement of the course.
• Ensures timely delivery of assessment materials.
• Ensures the satisfactory completion of student quantitative requirements.
• Maintains inventory of laboratory equipment and supplies, schedules equipment for maintenance
and repairs, and ensures laboratory is clean, neat and orderly.
• Orders and purchases supplies and equipment in consultation with the Dean, Clinics.
• Provides budget information for capital expenses and supplies for CE4407.
• Coordinates the schedules of the laboratories and/or exams as required.
• Responsible for tracking and/or recording satisfactory student quantitative requirements.
• Performs other administrative duties as required.



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