Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radiation Safety Officer


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Toronto Cardiac Diagnostics Inc. is a full service, accredited, Outpatient Diagnostic Cardiology Clinic, conveniently located on Wynford Drive- close to the TTC, at DonMills-Eglinton intersection. Easy parking on site. Easy access via DVP.Our mission at TCD is to deliver high quality, efficient and compassionate care to our patients.TCD, IS INFECTION CONTROL COMPLIANT ensuring the safety of our patients.




Radiation Safety Officer –Duties and Responsibilities
The RSO provides ongoing administration and control of radiation protection program on behalf of the management of TCD. An RSO may gain competence in radiation safety matters by completion of classroom instruction in radiation safety.

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Ensuring the health and safety of the personnel, public and environment
 Supervise, advise and consult on relevant legislation, regulations and CNSC license conditions with the Applicant Authority / Clinic President
 Acting as the primary contact with the CNSC for licensing and compliance matters
 Initiating any revisions to procedures, changes to equipment/facilities and licence amendments required to ensure on an ongoing basis that the licensee’s operations, equipment and facilities comply with regulatory requirements
 Preparing and/or reviewing proposed or existing radiation safety policies and procedures
 Maintaining a list of persons who use and handle nuclear substances, Designate Nuclear Energy Workers in accordance with the regulations and maintain a record of designation
 Ensuring all persons who use or handle radioactive materials follow approved procedures, in order to prevent occupational exposures to ionizing radiation that exceed regulatory limits or violate the ALARA principle
 Ensuring the workers who are required to use nuclear substances are adequately trained in radiation safety and radiation protection procedures
 Ensuring the workers whose duties may occasionally expose them to nuclear substances, such as receptionist, echo and ECG technicians, receive appropriate training in radiation safety
 Ensuring radiation survey instruments are calibrated and serviced as required
 Monitoring the receipt of shipments and ensure that any radioactive materials returned to the supplier are packaged for transport in accordance with regulations
 Carrying out decontamination procedures in the event of a spill as per regulations and notify the appropriate authorities if applicable
 Ensuring records of acquisitions, disposals and transfers of nuclear substances are maintained
 Investigate the incidents of overexposures, accidents involving radioactive material, and losses of radioactive material
 Reporting any regulatory non-compliances to the CNSC
 On behalf of TCD, renew the Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices License for diagnostic nuclear medicine as required

TCD Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Duties and Responsibilities
• Maintain patient confidentiality, ensure correct patient identification, safety and preparation prior to a nuclear medicine scan.
• Competent in performing Nuclear Medicine Procedures including radiopharmaceutical preparation and I.V. injection, Rest and Stress myocardial perfusion imaging, and resting MUGA as outlined in the procedure manuals. At TCD, only Nuclear Cardiology Examinations will be performed.
• Process nuclear medicine images, ensure image quality for diagnostic interpretation
• Maintain safe use of all medical equipment, properly follow manufacturer’s guidelines for operation and minor troubleshooting, report all malfunctions of nuclear medicine equipment.
• Follow established radiation safety practices, ensure the health and safety of the personnel, public, and environment.
• Monitor supplies and notify supervisor of shortages.
• Complies with all company and government regulations.


Key Qualifications:
• Candidates MUST have CMRITO certification
• Current CPR certificate

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