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Oakville, Ontario



1. Handles radioactive material within the regulation and guidelines set forth by the CNSC for the facility so as to minimize exposure to him/herself and other members of the staff.

2. Receives instruction from the Quality Manager of the facility in all aspects of his or her work and its theoretical and clinical basis.

3. Is expected to further his or her knowledge and competence by reading, attendance at courses and conferences.

4. Drafts SOPs as required and provides to Quality Manager for review and approval.

5. Required to perform duties unsupervised.

6. Performs such other duties as may be requested by senior members of the facility.

7. Assists in planning the facility’s Quality Assurance programme and performs the Quality Control testing.

8. Maintains and conforms with all applicable considerations for radiation standards and safety regulations.

9. Maintains and conforms with all applicable considerations for Health Canada standards and regulations.


A. Preparation and Dispensing of Radiopharmaceuticals

1. Assembles all materials required for preparation and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals.

2. Cleans the BSCs and all work areas daily.

3. Reconstitutes the pharmaceutical kits as per manufacturer recommendations.

4. Checks ec2 for client orders and prepares unit dose or bulk vials as per client requirements.

5. Disposes of non-radioactive and radioactive waste separately.

6. Maintains confidentiality of the client information and of any patient information provided by client.

7. Calibrates and sets up all equipment in accordance with prescribed procedures. This includes setting up a computer for entering data and completing reports on a computer.

8. Recognizes issues that are due to instrument malfunction.

9. Performs each procedure according to the appropriate SOP.

10. Performs quality control procedures so that high standards are maintained.

11. Assists in maintaining current inventory of routine radiopharmacy supplies and orders as necessary.

12. Maintains work areas in clean and orderly condition and ensures the BSCs are properly supplied, equipped and operational throughout the day.

B. Equipment

1. Operates all equipment (dose calibrators) and related accessories computer, etc.) used for production of radiopharmaceuticals.

2. Performs quality control procedures on all instruments (i.e. voltage, linearity checks, uniformity tests, resolution, etc.) to ensure that all equipment is in proper working order.

3. Checks operation and calibrates survey and monitoring devices.

4. Checks operation of BSCs

5. Checks operation and calibrates Air Particle Counter and Endosafe Nexgen Unit.

C. Radiation Protection

1. Using the appropriate instrumentation or other devices, monitors personnel work area rooms where applicable.

2. Reports all excessive radiation exposure to the proper authority.

3. Handles radioactive materials within the regulation prescribed for the radiopharmacy to minimize exposure to himself/herself, members of staff and general public.

4. Performs wipe tests and carries out decontamination procedures where applicable.

5. Provides instruction on appropriate radiation safety measures.

D. Quality Control Duties

1. Has knowledge of radiopharmacy equipment capabilities and limitations.

2. Follows appropriate safety measures.

3. Follows the Radiation Safety Program.

4. Performs quality control testing on equipment (such as wipe testing, well counter).

5. Tests new equipment at delivery time.


Previous completion of a recognized course in Nuclear Medicine and attainment of a R.T. (Nuclear Medicine) certificate from the C.A.M.R.T. or its recognized equivalent.

1. The training, experience and knowledge acquired during successful completion of the recognized course in Nuclear Medicine constitutes the minimum basic requirements for the position.

2. In addition, other experience in medical or laboratory work is desirable but not essential.


40 hours per week with a variable start time ; In addition, may be required to work overtime, night shifts, evenings and weekends as required by client orders.


Position is open until it’s filled.



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