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The Nuclear Response and Analysis Branch is devoted to enhancing Canada’s ability to respond to a nuclear or radiological emergency, performing S&T in the areas of nuclear forensics, bio-dosimetry, radiochemical analysis, nuclear security, and emergency response tools, as well as responding to requests from Federal Departments of the Government of Canada in these areas. The expertise and capabilities within the branch will also be leveraged to support other CNL missions.
The successful candidate will report to the Biodosimetry Research Scientist and work as part of the Biodosimetry laboratory research team within the Emergency Response S&T section.
The Research Technologist will be responsible for conducting experiments and performing data analysis for the Biodosimetry group and emergency capability, which is supported by the Federal S&T program. They will be responsible for organizing and maintaining laboratory facilities and associated equipment. The technologist will also be required to participate in Emergency Biodosimetry dose estimation scoring and evaluations as part of our commitment to maintaining emergency response capabilities in the event of a nuclear or radiological event.


• Contribute to the safe and effective operation of the Biodosimetry laboratory
• Preparation of chemical solutions and laboratory reagents; inventory of laboratory reagents, supplies and equipment, and ordering of supplies when required
• Conducting laboratory experiments, maintaining experimental work records, collecting and analyzing data and summarizing and reporting results
• Handling and processing of biological samples for Biodosimetry research (e.g. molecular biology and cytogenetic assays) using aseptic technique when required
• Conducting radiation exposures of biological samples and/or animals
• Evaluation/analysis of the effects of ionizing radiation on biological samples using various endpoints including cytogenetic analysis, cell death and DNA repair assays
• Maintenance of laboratory software and equipment (requiring familiarity with technical manuals and software applications), including performing instrument calibrations, maintenance and QA operations when required
• Maintenance of work records, data collection and occasional preparation of technical reports detailing experimental results
• Ability to interact with junior and senior staff from CNL including but not limited to, the nuclear emergency response S&T team, and collaborators at CNL.
• Ability to interact with vendors regarding ordering/troubleshooting equipment as well as external collaborators where necessary to share ideas, methods or results.
• Apply assigned resources to meet deliverables. Responsible for planning, executing and reporting progress of work. Responsible for laboratory procurement activities.
• Strong technical problem-solving skills, make recommendations on strategic and technical issues, and prepare work plans with some supervision or guidance.
• Procedures are reviewed with supervisor or co-workers prior to start of the procedure to identify potential problems; analytical skills, detail-oriented thinking and good time management skills are required for QA purposes and for carrying out potentially complex experimental procedures within multiple projects.
• Proper planning of experiments, availability of necessary reagents and equipment and sufficient background knowledge of procedures/science involved are necessary prior to start of the procedure.
• Consults with co-workers and supervision as required, and makes recommendations for improvements to processes and procedures.
• Problems, when identified, are brought to the attention of supervisor or co-workers; remedial actions may be suggested or solicited, and carried out following supervisory approval.
• Analytical skills are required for QA purposes and for analysis of potentially complex biological samples.
• Prepares own detailed work plans and executes with minimal supervision.
• Enthusiasm to go beyond existing experience is highly valued.
• Supervision of peers, students may be required on some projects.
• Must be capable and willing to work with biological samples in an aseptic environment.
• Must be able to work with microscopes, imaging flow cytometry, and various other image analysis tools (ie. screens) for prolonged periods during sample/data analysis.
• Must be somewhat flexible with schedule; spontaneous tasks, nature of the work (ie. biological samples, emergency response) will require the incumbent to work beyond normal work hours from time to time.
• Lab and office work at Chalk River Laboratories, with the possibility of some remote work.



• Graduation from a recognized institute of advanced technology, or equivalent formal education, in a field relevant to the position (e.g., Biology, Genetics, Medical-Laboratory Technology or a related program).
• A minimum of 2-3 years’ relevant experience in Biology, Cell Biology or Genetics, additional education and/or training, as described below.
• Strong technical problem-solving skills.
• Make recommendations on technical issues, and execute work with minimal supervision.
• Aptitude in biology, chemistry and willingness to work in a laboratory setting especially with biological samples (blood) at a biological safety cabinet or with microscopes and imaging flow cytometry potentially for long or irregular hours; must be flexible.
• Good verbal and written communication skills.
• General computer literacy in word processing and spreadsheet software (Microsoft Office suite of applications).
• Good organizational skills and initiative.
• History of working carefully, safely, and accurately, with good knowledge of and commitment to quality assurance.
• Group-2 Radiation Protection training, or ability to acquire it, is required.
• Must be immunized against Hepatitis A/B, or willing to obtain such immunization.
• Prior experience performing cytogenetic analyses and experience with (imaging) flow cytometric applications would be considered major assets, at minimum must show competence of knowledge in these areas.



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