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The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), established in 1945, is recognized internationally for excellence in chiropractic education, research and patient care.


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- Instructs and demonstrates proper radiographic positioning techniques and theory to Year IV interns. Supervises interns taking radiographs on patients. Bases teaching methods on knowledge of various learning styles and improves or modifies methods based on peer and student evaluations.
- Performs diagnostic imaging (radiographs and ultrasound).
- May instruct and demonstrate diagnostic ultrasound techniques and theory to 4th year interns.
- Ensures that procedures in the department meet the Ministry of Labour standards for individuals working with ionizing radiation. Ensures students understand and comply with Health and Safety guidelines and standards at all times.
- Is prepared for teaching and ensures learning materials are available. Ensures depth and scope of course are consistent with institution and program outcomes, and meet course learning objectives.
- Responsible for tracking and/or recording satisfactory student quantitative requirements.
- Ensures that the assessment questions are appropriate for the course outcomes.
- Analyzes and uses assessment outcomes for improvement of the course.
- Ensures timely delivery of assessment materials.
- Proctors exams when necessary.
- Participates in grading assignments as required and provides advice/correction/remediation as needed.
- Conducts daily testing of equipment, arranges for repairs as necessary and schedules ongoing radiographic equipment maintenance.
- Ensures radiographic production (dosage to patients) is within guidelines set out by HARP (Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act) and other Quality Assurance methodology by performing quality control tests every six months.
- Manages and prepares month-end financial statements and/or budget as required.
- Performs other duties as required.





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