Simulated Participant Program

About the Simulated Participant Program

A simulated participant (SP) is a person who has been carefully coached to simulate an actual patient interaction so accurately that the simulation cannot be detected by a skilled health care professional.

Utilizing Simulated Participants - Booking Fees

Simulated Participant Fee Schedule

Tier Description Pay Fee Internal
(UHN FCC Charge-Back ONLY)
Fee External
Tier 1

Patient positioning

Simple patient history

Non-invasive patient scanning
(Ultrasound, ECG)

No or simple feedback

$15/hr $24/hr $30/hr
Tier 2 Training for complex roles $20/hr $28/hr $28/hr
Tier 3 Complex roles
(high emotion/ complex history/multiple branches/ complex feedback)
$25/hr $40/hr $50/hr
Tier 4 Highly standardized, complex roles
(e.g. for high-stakes assessment)
Highly scripted roles for video production
$30/hr $48/hr $60/hr
Admin Recruiting SPs (Usually 2h) N/A $48/hr $60/hr

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