Meet your 2016 Orientation Coordinators

We’re excited to introduce Eric Lindsay and Christian Raharja to all of Michener’s incoming students. These second-year medical radiation sciences students are helping to organize this year’s Orientation activities to help you Connect to Michener.

Find out what Eric and Christian are looking forward to most at Orientation, their favourite thing about going to Michener, their best piece of advice for new Michener students – oh, and what their super power would be.

Eric Lindsay

Connect to Michener - 2016 Orientation Coordinator Eric Lindsay

What program are you in?

Radiation Therapy.

What Orientation event are you looking forward to most?

Urban Expedition is the event I am looking forward to the most. When I was in Orientation, we did the same event and it was a blast. Since I am not from the Toronto area, it gave me an opportunity to locate key areas around the city that I now go to or pass on a daily basis. Also, nothing like some good competition for some pretty awesome prizes! P.S.: bring a good pair of running shoes; you are going to need them.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation, hands down. People are always like, flying or invisibility is better, but with teleportation, you can do those things too. Want to fly? Teleport into the sky. Want to be invisible? Teleport out of the area. Besides, you’ll never be late for anything again! Long plane rides or cramped legs from sitting in the back seat of a car would be a thing of the past.

What is your least favourite word?

Fibula. This is my least favourite word mostly because of my own doing. I always want to say it’s the tibia and fibia (all anatomy majors are screaming at me now). I know it is fibula, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as tibia and fibia when saying it quickly. Most of the time I just short form it to tib-fib and no one knows the difference.

What is your best piece of advice for new Michener students?

Use everyone around you as your resource. You will become a very close knit group with everyone in your class because of the small size. This means you will get to know everyone very quickly and you can ask them questions about anything you are having problems with. More than likely a few people will understand the material really well and can help explain it to you in a way that you can understand. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! You and all of your fellow classmates are here for the next two to three years, all studying the exact same material.

Christian Raharja

Connect to Michener - 2016 Orientation Coordinator Christian Raharja

What program are you in?

Nuclear Medicine. Previously, I completed my Bachelors in Human Biology Health and Disease and Biology Double Major.

What Orientation event are you looking forward to most?

The Orientation event I am looking most forward to is definitely the Schatz Beach Party at the end of the week (September 2, 6 to 11 p.m.). This will be an amazing way for students to mingle with their newfound friends, as well as relax and unwind to some music and food. There will be a DJ, beverages, food and games, so I’m definitely excited to party the night away with everyone!

What exotic animal would you want as a pet?

An exotic pet I would want would probably be a wolf. It’s probably because I’ve been watching Game of Thrones too much and that I’m rooting for House Stark. But I think they would be a cool companion and a fierce partner in case I have to go fight a Lannister somewhere.

If you could marry one fictional character, who would it be and why?

If I could marry one fictional character it would probably be Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. The sole reason would probably be to ride one of the dragons across Westeros. That sounds like it would be a good time.

What is your favourite part about going to school at Michener?

My favourite part about going to school at Michener is how practical the education is. Everything you learn here you can take to where you work in the future, and I believe that is so important when you’re in school. All the skills you learn here and all the tests you take will be applicable to your future clinical site.


Orientation 2016 - Connect to Michener


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