Radiation Therapy: Laurentian University Joint Program

Program at a glance:

Credential(s) Earned

Honours Baccalaureate Degree in Radiation Therapy from Laurentian University and Advanced Diploma of Health Sciences in Radiation Therapy from The Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Program Length

10 semesters over 4 Years

Delivery Method

Full time

Start Date

There will be no intake in September 2021.


Laurentian Undergraduate Fees
(Please refer to information under "Full-Time Undergraduate Fees, All Programs")

Program Code


Career Opportunities

Future career opportunities as a Radiation Therapist include (but are not limited to): research, clinical specialist radiation therapist (CSRT), education, management, and medical equipment sales.  Radiation therapists can also go on to specialize in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Graduates are eligible to write the national certification examinations conducted by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT). Certification qualifies graduates to work across Canada and allows them to apply for registration with the College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario (CMRITO).

Please note: the Michener-Laurentian Radiation Therapy Program is a direct entry program into the specialization of Radiation Therapy.  Upon acceptance to the program, no follow up application to specialize in this field is required.

Please navigate below to learn more about the joint Michener / Laurentian University Radiation Therapy program and how to become a radiation therapist.

Radiation Therapy Michener Laurentian University

Is this program for me?

Consider this program if you:

  • want to study and work in Northern Ontario
  • are eager to learn in a bilingual environment and are motivated to learn independently through online distance education.
  • are interested in working with high-tech equipment
  • have excellent interpersonal skills and are passionate about working in an environment where treatment directly impacts patients.


How long does it take?

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy is a collaborative program between The Michener Institute of Education at UHN and Laurentian University. The curriculum combines courses offered on the Laurentian campus and discipline-specific courses that will be offered by distance education formats from The Michener Institute of Education at UHN. Laboratory components for courses will be completed at the Health Sciences North – Northeast Cancer Centre, Sudbury. During your second year of study you will complete a 4 week clinical placement.  Additionally there is a 42 week placement in your final year.  This takes place at an affiliated cancer treatment facility. (Locations to be established)

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the Radiation Therapy Laurentian University Joint Program must possess specific qualifications in order to be eligible for admissions. Please visit our Admissions Requirements by Program page for details.

See Admissions Requirements

Admission Interview

For consideration of admission to the program, applicants that meet the admission requirements and have the highest academic performance within the pool of applicants will be invited for an interview. Applicants will be considered for admission according to their overall ranking (academics and interview).  Interviews for the September 2021 intake will be taking place during Winter/Spring 2021 in an online (virtual) format only (exact timing to be determined). Applicants who are selected to proceed to the interview stage will receive details on the process for arranging the virtual interview in their invitation.

What will I learn?

The professional Radiation Therapist combines an understanding and interest in physics, mathematics and medical science – specifically the study of cancer and its affect on the human body and psychology with empathy and excellent communication skills. At the end of the four years, students will graduate with the knowledge, skills, judgment and attitudes required to challenge the national certification exam and to enter practice as a radiation therapist.

The Bachelor of Science (Radiation Therapy) requires successful completion of 135 credits. Up to 30% of the courses in the program may be taken in French.

Earning the Laurentian Certificate of Bilingualism.  Some courses must be taken during the spring / summer intersession.

The following is an example of the curriculum and is subject to revision.

Year One

  • Physics for the Life Sciences I
  • Physics for the Life Sciences II
  • General Chemistry I
  • General Chemistry II
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II or Linear Algebra I
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biology I
  • Elective

Year Two

  • Medical Radiation Physics
  • Bioethics for Health Care Providers
  • Introduction to Oncology
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Interprofessional Education in Healthcare
  • Physics of Medical Imaging
  • Radiobiology and Radiation Protection
  • Physics of Radiation Therapy
  • Sectional Anatomy
  • Patient Care I
  • Health Care Systems
  • Clinical Practicum I (4 week clinical placement)

Year Three

  • Oncology for Radiation Therapy I
  • Oncology for Radiation Therapy II
  • Treatment Planning I
  • Treatment Planning II
  • Aboriginal Health and Wellness
  • Patient Care II
  • Clinical Research Methods
  • Radiation Therapy Techniques I
  • Radiation Therapy Techniques II
  • Elective
  • Clinical II

Year Four

  • Clinical Practicum III
  • Clinical Practicum IV
  • Research Project

Radiation Therapy Electives List

A total of 6 credits of electives selected from the approved Radiation Therapy Electives list must be taken during the program. The Radiation Therapy Electives list includes a variety of courses in Anthropology, Biology, Physics, Humanities and other disciplines and is updated periodically to reflect new courses as they become available.

Sample approved elective courses (this list is subject to revision):

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Introduction to Gerontology II: Caring for the Elderly in Canada
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Business Communication
  • The Aging Body
  • Food and Nutrition in Later Life
  • Ethnomedicine: Cross Cultural Healing

Clinical Education

Total Length:  46 weeks

  • 4 weeks at the end of Year 2
  • 42 weeks starting at the end of Year 3 and continuing into Year 4

At the end of the second year of the program, you will be placed in an affiliated clinical site for a four-week period in May. In the third year of the program, you will be placed at the same site for twelve weeks from June to August. In your fourth year, you will continue at the same site for the full 30 week academic year.

As clinical education is a major component of all Michener programs, our affiliated clinical sites are integral to your education. They include teaching and community hospitals, in Ontario and other provinces. Working closely under the supervision of Radiation Therapists, you will have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills into practice during the clinical phase of your program. Clinical placements give you hands-on experience in work environments and the opportunity to network with potential employers.

Clinical partner sites and number of student placement allocations at each site are subject to change and are confirmed at the time of your placement.  Please note that when you accept a seat in the program, you also accept to go to any of the program’s affiliated clinical sites available at the time of your placement.


The Program is accredited by Accreditation Canada.



Students enrolled in the Michener/Laurentian Radiation Therapy Program are eligible for scholarships and bursaries from Laurentian University and the Department of Physics.

Visit Laurentian’s Scholarship and Bursaries Site or contact the Department of Physics at 705-675-1151, ext. 2220.



"The Michener/Laurentian program provided me with a chance to leave home to experience university education and lifestyle. Besides the small class sizes and becoming well acquainted with my professors, the clinical experience is invaluable as you are able to see what your future will be like, while learning things outside a typical textbook!"

Katelyn Bignell, Class 2015

“The Michener-Laurentian joint program provided unique opportunities to become engaged in distance education, laboratories, and in-classroom courses related to the profession of Radiation Therapy. The clinical experience provided by the program allowed me to develop competence in the field and gain the confidence to enter the workforce as a Medical Radiation Therapist. The experiences with this program were unforgettable and the friends made along the way made it even better!”

John Milne, Class 2019