The Research Institute of Health Care Education

Introducing the Research Institute of Health Care Education

There is resounding agreement from the extended education, research and clinical communities about the need to create a Research Institute of Healthcare Education that would focus exclusively on educational research, design and innovation.

Propelled by the pressing challenges facing healthcare and education today, the Research Institute would generate evidence to respond to and transform our healthcare system. Examples of changes that both the health and education sectors must address from a research evidence-informed perspective include:

  • Shift to population health and impact on acute, primary and community-based care, and professional practice
  • Work in a knowledge economy
  • Personalized medicine and learning, and impact on patient care and student learning
  • Shift to mobile education
  • Shift to career change and reinvention as a normal event in one’s working life
  • Re-skilling and updating to maintain career viability
  • Transformation of traditional models of education
  • Transformation of the professions in a digital age

Where are we at?

Over the past 18 months, a team has been collaborating to conceptualize and design a new Research Institute dedicated to education research in the health professions. The working title for this institute is the Research Institute of Health Care Education.  A number of core activities have been realized including:

Designing a Strategic Planning process

Development of a Membership model

Launch of the Big Ideas Lecture Series

Drafting vision and mission statements


Over the coming year, a number of significant activities are planned to complete the design and operationalize the vision of the Research Institute.



  • Membership — link to page fillable form — there are various ways to become a member of the new Research Institute.  To apply for membership, please click here.
  • StormBoarding — a number of phyiscal and virtural whiteboards will be set up to capture your ideas about how to engage and build this new Research Institute — we welcome your input and big ideas about advancing educational research.
  • Engagement — join us for activities hosted by the Research Institute (link to big ideas)
  • Strategic Planning — We will be inviting you to participate in a series of focus groups Fall2018/Winter2019 that will inform the strategic and operational plans.

Draft Vision — Leading the world in transforming Canadian health care education through creativity, curiosity and experimentation discovery.


Draft Mission — Building an institute that bridges theoretical and applied research, clinical experience and education to continually prove, think and push forward – to develop “firsts” in educational research.



Scientists – WC eligibility criteria + UHN appointment at Scientist 1(?) Benefits: PI on REB, administration of funding, research support services, access to space/equipment

Responsibilities: participation in events, internal peer reviewer,  supervision of trainees, collaboration with academy of scholars (?)

Affiliated Researchers – Eligibility similar to WC Cross-appointments + appointment at UHN or other TAHSN unit as a Principal Investigator Benefits: REB as investigator/collaborator,  administration of funding (??), community collaboration

Responsibilities: participation in RIHE events, internal peer reviewer.

Academy of Scholars – Michener and UofT faculty members

Benefits: professional development, collaboration/support, community

Responsibilities: minimum mandatory participation.


Research Themes — the new Research Institute will be focused on education research in the areas of:

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Membership Model image





There is resounding agreement from the extended education, research and clinical communities about the need to create a Research Institute of Healthcare Education that would focus exclusively on educational research, design and innovation.


By creating a first-of-its-kind Research Institute of Healthcare Education, we can harness the research, clinical and education expertise across UHN and The Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Framework and Core Research Themes

Technology, Innovation and Practice
Societies, Systems and Structures
Teaching and Learning

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