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UHN Covid-19 Research Portal

The volume of information – and mis-information – on this coronavirus is overwhelming. The UHN and Michener library team are collaborating with partners across our organization to curate reliable, authoritative sources of information, to facilitate knowledge mobilization, to enable our institutions to deliver the best health care, to provide the best education, to conduct the research to end this pandemic.

On this site, you will find some high level resources relating to the latest science of COVID-19, educational resources to support you in “upskilling” to critical care, or to help you if you are deployed to clinical areas in which you don’t usually practice.

Teaching in the time of covid: 

This collaborative UHN and Michener guide lists resources for educators who are transitioning to online teaching and adapting new strategies to combat the impact covid-19 has had on learners. This includes: remote and online teaching, clinical teaching, teaching using simulation, online teaching resources list, and teaching materials.

Preparing Faculty for Online Teaching: FAST 

How can we quickly prepare faculty for transition to online teaching? What about alternate clinical sites? How can we support students? Dr. Valerie Howard answers these questions and more. Learn FAST (Faculty, Alternate clinical sites, Students, Technology).

Elsevier HealthHub 

This database includes a list of resources with toolkits for healthcare professionals including: community care, ambulatory care, emergency care, inpatient care, ICU, mental and behavioural health.

BMJ Covid Hub

BMJ’s covid-19 hub supports health professionals and researchers with practical guidance, online CPD courses, as well as the latest news, comment, and research from BMJ. The content is free and updated daily.

Center for evidence based medicine critical appraisal tools: 

This resource helps researchers and learners assess data associated with the developing epidemic and in general. It asks leaners to develop a system of critical appraisal and systematically evaluate clinical research papers by asking: does this study address a clearly focused question? Did the study use valid methods to address the question? Are the valid results of this study important? Are the valid important results applicable to my population?

CEBM oxford covid 19 evidence service: 

Rapid evidence reviews, data analysis and thought-provoking writing relating to the coronavirus pandemic, updated regularly. The Evidence Service receives no specific grant from any funding agency.

CEBM list of covid clinical trials: 

This regularly updated page provides and overview of clinical trials and other research underway investigating COVID-19 or coronavirus.

Michener Trial for Clinical Key: 

ClinicalKey is a medical search engine and database tool owned by medical and scientific publishing company Elsevier that offers access to the medical library published by that company.

Semantic Scholar Resources: 

CORD-19 (COVID-19 Open Research Dataset) is a free resource of over 44,000 scholarly articles about COVID-19 and related coronaviruses.

New England Journal of Medicine Covid Resources: 

This regularly updated page provides and overview of clinical trials and other research underway investigating COVID-19 or coronavirus.


Journal Databases

PubMed (Old PubMed) PubMed comprises over 23 million journal citations. This index is produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and is accessible to anyone on the web. If Michener subscribes to a particular journal, either individually or through a database, the article will show a Full-text link, making full-text of the article available to authorized Michener users. If the Michener does not have access to that title, journal, or article, you will be taken to a page where you can request an inter-library loan. The LRC will endeavor to get that item for you and will notify you if it is unavailable. You can view some concise library-created tutorials for help in getting started: PubMed Basic SearchPubMed using MeSHTips & Tricks for Searching PubMed.

Full Text Finder (Journal A-Z)  Select the link next to Full Text Finder and use it to find out which journals we subscribe to (both print and online) and link to the journal homepage or our catalogue.

Cochrane Library Cochrane Systematic Reviews investigate the effects of interventions for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in a healthcare setting in support of evidence-based medicine. Full-text access is limited to authorized Michener users.

EBSCOhost Approximately 4000 full text titles are available from this aggregator which provides electronic journals licensed from various publishers. Access to this collection is limited to authorized Michener users. Includes these databases:

Medical Databases on EBSCOhost

  • Medline with Full Text
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text
  • Alt-HealthWatch
  • Health Business Fulltext Elite

Education Databases on EBSCOhost

  • Professional Development Collection
  • ERIC

ScienceDirect Over 1000 journals are available on the ScienceDirect platform. Note: all of these journals are also available through PubMed.

Wiley Online Over 800 journals are available on the Wiley Online platform. Note: all of these journals are also available through PubMed.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Please send us an email. LRC staff can provide training and support for using journal databases to find articles.

Free-access journals

Directory of Open Access Journals This directory provides free access to almost 10,000 full text journals and is hosted by Lund University Libraries (Sweden).

Free Medical Over 4,000 free online medical journal titles can be sorted alphabetically or by specialty. The list includes journals grouped by category: free full text, free one to six months after publication, free one year after publication, etc.

PubMed Central A digital archive of life sciences journal literature managed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Access is free and unrestricted and includes BioMed Central articles.

Non-Journal Databases Not sure if your thigh bone is really connected to your hip bone or where on earth you would find a quadratus lumborum? Well luckily for you, we at the LRC have access to Anatomy TV – a 3D interactive anatomy exploration program!

Acland’s Anatomy VOLUME 2 ACCESS ONLY: Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy is the optimal anatomical learning solution. This virtual atlas presents moving structures – muscles, tendons, and joints – making the same movements that they make in life. The videos show complex structures step by step – from bone to surface anatomy – to provide a foundation for understanding anatomical structure and function.

eCPS / RxTx

Textbook List

Textbooks can be purchased in person at the University of Toronto Bookstore, 214 College Street. You can also purchase your textbooks online. Start by choosing Michener as your Select a Campus Term and continue filling in the requested information for each course to generate a book list.

Phone: 416-640-5830
Canada-wide toll free number: 1-800-387-4420

Looking to buy or sell used textbooks? Try posting to Michener’s Student Success Network Facebook page.

Textbook List


The eBooks on EBSCOhost collection includes nearly 200 electronic books purchased by the LRC to meet the needs of our users. The collection can be read 24 hours a day via the Internet by Michener users. eBooks on EBSCOhost also has over 3,000 publicly accessible classics of literature and history.

eBooks on EBSCOhost FAQs

  1. Can I access eBooks on EBSCOhost from home?
  2. How do I find out which titles are available?
  3. How do I search within the eBooks on EBSCOhost collection?
  4. Why should I sign up for a My EBSCOhost Folder?
  5. How do I create a My EBSCOhost Folder?
  6. How do I read an eBook on EBSCOhost?
  7. Can I download eBooks on EBSCOhost to my computer/a reading device?
  8. Can I print from eBooks on EBSCOhost?

Can I access eBooks on EBSCOhost from home?

  • Yes, authorized Michener users can access eBooks from home using their network/Outlook (email) username and password.

How do I find out which titles are available?

  • If you do a search in the LRC’s catalogue, titles that we subscribe to will be marked with a computer icon and will have a link to “Connect to this resource”. This will connect you directly to the title.
  • To see all of the full-text eBooks, including those that are publicly accessible, connect to eBooks on EBSCOhost . In the search field, enter (FT Y OR FT N).

How do I search within the eBooks on EBSCOhost database?

  • Go to eBooks on EBSCOhost and enter your search terms in the basic search box at the top of the page; use the Search Options below to set your options.
  • Use the advanced search to get more options.

Why should I sign up for a My EBSCOhost Folder?

  • Establishing an account allows you to create a list of links to your favorite eBooks on EBSCOhost and to add notes within any eBook. This account will allow you to work within all of the EBSCOhost databases, not just eBooks.

How do I create a My EBSCOhost Folder?

  • Click on Sign In near the upper right hand corner of the search page. Select Create a New Account.
  • Enter the requested information.
  • Select the Save Changes button.

How do I read an eBook on EBSCOhost?

  • You can read the eBook by clicking on eBook Full Text. While it is being viewed, nobody else can read the book.
  • To move from page to page, at the bottom of the screen, click on the right or left arrow, or enter a page number in the box and click on Go. Use the Table of Contents to access individual chapters, or click on the first icon under Tools (on the right side) to find individual words in the text.

Can I download eBooks on EBSCOhost to my computer/a reading device?

  • Currently, Michener’s eBooks on EBSCOhost may not be downloaded.

Can I print from eBooks on EBSCOhost?

You can print individual pages for educational and research purposes by using the print icon under Tools (on the right side). All subscribed titles are copyrighted.

Anatomy & Physiology Resource Centre

The Anatomy and Physiology Resource Centre has a collection of encased human tissues, osseous materials, anatomical models, and interactive computer programs. The centre is located in rooms 701/703, and is open evenings for independent study. Evening hours vary during the academic year according to demand — consult Hours & Contact for availability. Please note that Michener ID cards are required to access this centre and that cameras are strictly forbidden.

Dry Lab

The Dry Lab contains a collection of anatomy models and equipment available for in-library use. The photo gallery below will give you an idea of the items available.

LRC staff are always looking to develop the Dry Lab. Please contact LRC staff with any suggestions.

dry lab 1

Human Torso (24 pieces with detachable head)

dry lab 2

Human Skull, Numbered

dry lab 3

‘Wilma’ Wound Foot

dry lab 4

Respiratory Organs (6 pieces, life-size)

dry lab 5

Blood Pressure Units and Stethoscopes

dry lab 6



The LRC has iPads available to borrow for full-time students and staff. The iPads are loaded with anatomy apps and borrowers are welcome to download apps from their personal iTunes accounts.

iPads can be borrowed for a period of one week.

Speak to LRC staff in person if you would like to borrow an iPad. Contact us anytime with questions or suggestions.

Library Accessibility

Michener Library and Learning Resource Centre will accommodate students, staff and faculty with disabilities to access resources and services.

Retrieving Items from Shelves

Library staff will be happy to retrieve materials from shelves that are not physically accessible to our users with disabilities.  Please provide a list of call numbers to staff at the circulation desk.  We will retrieve the items immediately if possible, but there may be a delay of up to 24 hours if staffing is limited.  If you would like to have material available for pick-up at a certain time, please provide us with the call numbers ahead of time either in person, by phone, or by emailing

Photocopying Services

A self-service photocopier is available in the LRC and can be used with Michener student ID.  You can request assistance from LRC staff in use of the photocopier.

Requesting Alternate Formats for Print Materials in the Library

Handouts and user guides can be provided in accessible formats upon request.

Users with print disabilities who require a few pages or chapters of a library book or articles in journals in electronic format can ask LRC staff to assist with scanning the required material.

Users with print disabilities who require an entire library book should make the request as early as possible.  LRC staff will arrange to scan requests or obtain a digital copy of the required material from the publisher.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our accessibility services or would like to provide feedback, please send us an email or call us at 416-596-3123.
Accessibility Resources

Becoming a Member

You don’t have to be a student, faculty, or staff at Michener to be a member of the LRC. Just follow these steps to join:


  1. Complete an application form.
  2. Present personal identification.
  3. Pay the annual membership fee of $50.00.

A membership card will be issued. Please present this card to check out items.

Borrowing Privileges

Books and journals may be borrowed for 2 weeks. Exceptions:

  • Short term loan books may be used within the LRC only.  They can be found behind the circulation station.
  • Audiovisual materials may be viewed within the LRC only.

Up to three renewals are possible, unless another borrower has requested the item. Renew items by email

Discover Our Resources

Membership allows registered patrons to borrow print items from our Circulating Collection and Periodical Collection. All other materials are available for use on-site.

Our catalogue facilitates searching our book and audiovisual collections, eBooks, Dry Lab collection, and print and electronic journal titles. This includes our collection of examination review guides, laboratory standards, and government documents.

Electronic Journals

Full-text electronic journals and indexes (PubMed, CINAHL) are accessible to members on-site.


Photocopying is not available to Members, but you may scan documents at no charge. Scanning is subject to the limits of the fair dealing provision in the Copyright Act.