Printing at the LRC during COVID-19

Students can print at Michener

Even though the LRC is closed, we are committed to supporting our students.  We have heard your concerns about a lack of printing facility – and so would like to offer the following service:


For the duration of the closure of the LRC, students can print using the printing service provided by our commercial printing partner Ricoh – located in the basement of the Michener building in the cafeteria. Please note:

  • You must send the request from your email address.
  • Just like when printing at the LRC, only black and white is available.


How To:


  1. Email your print job(s) directly to Ricoh at and CC – Be sure to include any instructions (eg. Double sided);
  2. In the body of the email you must indicate that the print job will be charged to the LRC cost centre LRC I-039;
  3. Ricoh will email the student when the print job is ready for pick up at the Ricoh office in the basement;
  4. Turnaround time is up to 24 hours and is available on weekdays only;
  5. This service is being paid for by the LRC with no charges to students; however, we ask that the environment be respected – ie. If you wouldn’t be willing to pay for your print job, please consider whether you really need to print


If you have any questions about this service, please email the LRC at