Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions for Wavelengths 2024 will open in the fall of 2023.

Posters & Podium Presentation

We invite prospective presenters to contribute and help shape the Wavelengths conference and medical imaging professions through their proposal submissions. You may submit proposals for Posters or Podium Presentations that may be at early or advanced stages of development for Wavelengths 2023. Submission themes include, but are not limited to, professional practice innovation, education, quality improvement, primary/clinical imaging research, and patient care.

Please note that Wavelengths also encourages and welcomes student-led projects

Wavelengths has created a special session for Works-in-Progress. This is a unique forum for individuals who have launched but not completed their research or practice improvement projects to receive feedback or test run ideas with your medical imaging peers.

Submissions will be welcomed starting November 2022

Submission deadline: Extended to March 17th, 2023
Notification of Acceptance: March 31st, 2023
Themes:  Practice Innovation, Education, Quality improvement, Primary/clinical research, Patient care
Formats: Poster or Podium Presentations

Poster Session

This session allows colleagues to gather around displays for extended dialogue regarding novel and promising ideas and research. Posters will be accessible throughout the duration of the conference, with a dedicated interactive session on April 24th.

Poster Technical Requirements

  • The poster must be one page. Additional pages will not be accepted.
  • The poster should be equivalent to a traditional printed poster, with a maximum width of 48 inches (130 cm); and a maximum height of 36 inches (100 cm).
  • The file size may not exceed 25MB
  • All files must be saved and submitted as a PDF. The poster software does not recognize any other file formats.

Poster Design Recommendations

  • Font size: 28pt or larger.
  • Recommend fonts: Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial. It’s possible that other fonts may have cross-operating system display issues. Letters should be easily read (avoid Old English and other “fancy” fonts).
  • Avoid background images and watermarks that may detract from the read-ability of your poster.

Important Information to Include on Your Poster

Title and Author Information:
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author, Affiliation, City, Country (repeat for each author)
  • University/Affiliate Logos
  • Introduction/Short Description
  • Abstract/Long Description
  • Background/Relevance
  • Research Question/Hypothesis
  • Methods/Methodology
  • Participants/Sample
  • Results
  • Conclusion/Summary
  • References
  • Images

Podium Presentations

Podium presentations may include research in practice, research in progress, or completed research. Descriptions of innovations in education, quality improvement, and patient care are also suitable for this format.

You will have 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion. It is important that you do not exceed a total of 30 minutes.

Submission Requirements

All submissions should be limited to a maximum of 500 words. For podium presentations, a 200 word background/bio should also be submitted for each presenter.

Posters and Podium Presentations

  1. Practice/Education Innovations, Quality Improvement/Patient Care Projects: Submissions that describe the development or implementation of new processes, techniques, education initiatives, or the performance of quality improvement projects. These can be innovations that impact daily practice, medical imaging professions, students, or patients. They often describe work that does not follow typical research methods.
    Please use the following headings in your abstract submission:

    • Background/Purpose
    • Process
    • Benefits & Challenges
    • Impact/Outcome
  2. Academic Research: Submissions that report on prospective and retrospective studies using more formal academic research approaches. They often describe a systematic investigation designed to answer a question, and/or test a hypothesis with conclusions that are supported by the results.
    Please use the following headings in your abstract submission:

    • Background/Purpose
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  3. Works-in-Progress: Submissions on new project and that have been launched but not will not be completed by the date of the Benchmarks symposium.
    Please use the following headings in your abstract submission:

    • Background/Purpose
    • Process/Methods
    • List up to three questions about your project that you would like your peers to address