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1. Assist with the care of the patient during induction, including administering prescribed anaesthetic agents under the direction of the Anaesthetist, observing for side effects and efficacy of treatment, and assess the patient’s physiological status during Anaesthesia.
2. Provide diagnostic data to the Anaesthetist or Surgeon, including blood gases, pulse oximetry, transcutaneous monitoring, and end tidal Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
3. Adjust therapies and maintain fluid therapies based on changing clinical data and medical directives.
4. Perform procedural sedation.
5. Assist in preparing the patient for surgery, including the completion of pre-op assessment, insertion of lines and tubes (e.g. intravenous and nasogastric), and positioning of the patient.
6. Assist with or perform airway management, including insertion of laryngeal and tracheal Intubation, mask ventilation, aspirate secretions from trachea and pharynx, removal of laryngeal mask airways, and tracheal extubation.
7. Prepare patient and assist with regional anesthesia.
8. Maintain and stock the block room as required.
9. Liaise with the Equipment and Supply Coordinator, assist with evaluation of anaesthetic equipment, troubleshoot anaesthetic equipment failures, and maintain supply inventory.
10. Work in conjunction with Bio-Medical Technologist and Anaesthesia to conduct preventative maintenance on anaesthetic gas machines.
11. Perform minor maintenance and repair of equipment, and arrange and coordinate servicing or repair when necessary.
12. Ensure supply inventory to designated carts, including Malignant Hyperthermia cart.
13. Keep abreast with market and best practices regarding equipment and Anaesthetic trials.
14. Assist with patient care in Post-Acute Care Unit (PACU) and transfer of patient to Critical Care, and report to PACU when necessary.
15. Assist with orientation of new Anaesthesia medical staff, including participation in training programs and in-servicing including participation at the Simulation Lab.
16. Determine and align improvement projects with HSN’s Strategic Plan; monitor and adjust to achieve goal outcomes.
17. Participate in education and training specific to current, relevant federal and provincial health and safety legislation, standards and guidelines.
18. Educate and promote health, safety and wellness in the work place.
19. Represent the department or program on various committees and in meetings as required.
20. Perform other duties as required.


1. Minimum of a one (1) year Diploma as an Anaesthesia Assistant within the last 5 years, from an accredited college.

1. Training or recent experience working as an Anaesthesia Assistant in an Operating Room (OR) department within the last four (4) years.
1. Demonstrated knowledge of the Canadian Standards Guidelines regarding Anaesthesia equipment.
2. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with the Surgical team to meet the patient’s needs.
3. Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
4. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with patients, physicians, and other Health Care Professionals.
5. Demonstrated excellent judgment, leadership, problem-solving, and proven analytical skills.
6. Demonstrated training, experience or utilization of lean methodology for process improvement.
7. Demonstrated ability to independently identify issues, plan improvements, measure success and continue improvement.
8. Demonstrated excellent computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office software, e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook and patient information systems.
9. Demonstrated superior interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal.
10. Effective time management and organizational skills with the ability to organize and prioritize as required.
11. Demonstrated discretion and maturity when handling confidential information.
12. Demonstrated commitment to the safety of co-workers and patients.

1. Demonstrated high level initiative and self-direction.
2. Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development.
3. Demonstrated professionalism in dealing with confidential and sensitive issues.
4. Demonstrated positive work record and excellent attendance record.
5. Ability to meet the physical and sensory demands of the job.


41.82 - 49.20


Candidates will be selected for this position on the basis of their skill, ability, experience and qualifications as identified in the resume and completed Application Form submitted. The Hospital reserves the right to conduct a formal interview where required.



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