At The Michener Institute, we believe in promoting an inclusive environment and are committed to ensuring our programs, services and facilities are accessible.

As part of this commitment, we have established an Accessibility Committee to provide oversight and guidance in the implementation of accessibility initiatives and the fulfillment of all legislated accessibility requirements. The committee includes representatives from all areas of the organization and has been trained on legislative and best practices in accessibility for educational institutions.

In 2005, the Government of Ontario introduced the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) to ensure all Ontarians have fair and equitable access to programs and services and to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities. The AODA covers the following areas:

The Customer Service Standard provides guidelines to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities when accessing services or participating in programs. Michener requires all employees to complete training on the AODA Customer Service Standard.

Alternate Format Requests

Requests for copies of our print and website documents in alternate formats by contacting People & Culture through any one of the following methods:

Telephone: (416) 596-3101 ext. 3210.
In-person: People & Culture Department (5th Floor).

We strive to ensure that our website meets legislated WCAG 2 Level A web accessibility standards. Tips on how you can further enhance the accessibility of our website.

The Michener Institute will accommodate an employee with a disability in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and any other applicable legislation. An employee with a disability who requires accommodation should submit a written request to Health Services.

Any qualified job applicant selected for an interview will be provided with the necessary accommodation(s) to ensure the applicant has an equal and full opportunity to participate in the recruitment process.

The Michener Institute’s Health Services and Student Success Departments provide a full range of services for students who have a documented disability. The nature of the accommodation is developed according to the student’s particular needs, as supported by documentation, and may include:

  • In class accommodations
  • Lab, assignment and exam accommodations
  • Adaptive Technology
  • Academic Resources

Students seeking accessibility accommodation are asked to register early with Health Services in order to ensure accommodation arrangements are in place in a timely manner.

Accessibility & Accommodations Services for Students

This website has been optimized in accordance to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) . We strive to ensure that our website meets legislated WCAG 2 Level A web accessibility standards. Please contact us if you wish to provide feedback on our website. Below are additional tips for enhancing the accessibility of websites.

Tips for enhancing accessibility of websites:

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Step-by-Step Instructions

At The Michener Institute, we strive to continually improve access to our facility and services. We have implemented a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan  that outlines the measures we have taken, and will take, to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility. This plan is reviewed by the Accessibility Committee on a regular basis; a formal report and update on the plan is completed each year.

We have developed policies, procedures and practices to guide members of the Michener community in our commitment to accessibility. These include:

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