Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity, Inclusion, Values and Equity Committee

Michener’s Diversity, Inclusion, Values and Equity Committee (DIVE) strives to create a safe, inclusive, accessible and welcoming space at Michener.

The Committee’s goal is to support and empower people to bring their full selves to the workplace every day. The Committee is led by staff, but our activities and messages are intended to give a voice to all marginalized employees and students on campus. We welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnic group, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, language, religion or age.

Reach out to the DIVE Committee at dive@michener.ca

Facts about Michener’s student cohort

Each year at Michener’s Fall Orientation, we collect facts about the incoming student cohort to learn more about Michener’s community.

  • 76% are between the ages of 20–25 years old
  • 80% have an undergraduate degree or college diploma
  • 54% speak 2 languages and 15% speak 3 languages
  • 56% are the first health care professional in their family

DIVE Committee Members

Sabrina Bartlett (she/her), Centre for Interprofessional Education
Christine Davidson (she/her), Communications and Marketing
Alan Joson (he/him), Communications and Marketing
Krista McGonigle (she/her), Registrar’s Office
Mandy Sangha (she/her), Centre for Academic Quality
Luckshi Sathasivam (she/her), Registrar’s Office
Teni Araba (she/her),People & Culture